The 76ers have made a major change, firing head coach Brett Brown after seven seasons in Philly. My colleagues were all over the story, offering a look at some of the top candidates to replace him. Later today, watch for what happens with the homeless encampments in the city as rulings are expected to come on whether Philadelphia can clear them. Also, the Flyers had a rough start to the second round off of the playoffs.

After seven seasons and one of the most dramatic rebuilds in professional sports, the Philadelphia 76ers fired coach Brett Brown yesterday after getting swept in the NBA playoffs by the Boston Celtics. As for who might replace Brown, my colleague Marc Narducci writes that there could be some familiar and well-known candidates to take over for the job, including one coach whose success has come just a few miles from Philly.

Coming off the team’s season-ending losses, columnist Marcus Hayes wrote that the players’ comments about Brown “were the words of men who want a new boss.”

A federal judge said he will issue his opinion this afternoon on whether Philadelphia can clear out an encampment of about 150 people who have been living along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for months. The fates of two smaller encampments in the city will also be decided at the same time.

Despite their name, microaggressions have big impacts on the health care minorities receive. Experts are increasingly recognizing the frequency of microaggressions, which are interactions that may not be obviously racist, but still can feel hostile to patients of color.

These interactions can harm patient care by making important communication impossible. They can also turn people off entirely from getting medical care, my colleague Kasra Zarei reports.

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“For many immigrants, that sacrifice comes in the form of separating from family, risking deportation, and being disconnected from culture and language. For many of their children, the sacrifice could mean adult parents living in a strange land, not knowing the language, and feeling culturally adrift.” — writes opinion and editorial writer Abraham Gutman about Kamala Harris’ story serving as a reminder of immigrants and their families always having something to prove.

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The Philly bull terrier who put his life on the line to protect his people from an armed robbery has been honored by the Pennsylvania Medical Association with the Wodan Animal Hero Award.