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We’re talking about roadblocks to businesses bouncing back, and we have the latest on the Temple University rankings debacle.

Bonus: Dolly Parton, who never met a sparkly outfit she did not like, graced a Wilmington library with her presence.

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Philly’s got more tourists, conventions, restaurants, and shows. Why haven’t workers come back?

🎤 And now I’m passing the mic to our reporter Erin Arvedlund, who wrote today’s top story:

Center City District keeps its finger on the pulse of the economy in Philly. The business climate’s almost back to normal, although in-person workers haven’t come back. Restaurants and cultural institutions have reopened.

But a police presence needs to be visible for visitors and tourists to return in force. Also, City Council has to take up the mantle of tax reform in order for small businesses to thrive.

My take is that business leaders are keeping their fingers crossed that the mayor and City Council do the right things to propel Philly out of its molasses growth and into a high-growth metro region. Instead of just dividing the pie into smaller pieces, let’s “grow” the pie so more people benefit.

Keep reading for more on the key to rebuilding.

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C) For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

D) The Crunchwrap Supremes

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