It’s Monday morning, which means there is a lot of coffee being poured right about now. For many, coffee is a crucial part of the day. For primary candidates hoping to make it to the general election in Philadelphia, a coffee can is a strangely crucial part of the race. We’ve got the scoop (pun fully intended) on the quirky tradition for you this morning. In other news, my colleague Catherine Dunn reports that Delaware County has become the state’s headquarters for suits against the makers of opioids. But the impact it’s having on the legal battle against the opioid epidemic is up for debate.

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Eighteen months ago, Delaware County became the first county in Pennsylvania to sue opioid makers. Now it’s the statewide center for litigation against the manufacturers and distributors of opioids.

More than 40 suits are now corralled in the county courthouse where litigants didn’t have a digital system to file documents until last year.

Depending on who you ask, the complex nationwide court battle is going as well as could be expected or is in disarray.

Ever heard of Interstate Land Management Corporation? Don’t worry if you haven’t. It’s an obscure publicly funded civic nonprofit formed 30 years ago to maintain state-owned landed near I-95.

It was created by State Sen. Vince Fumo 20 years before he was convicted and imprisoned for corruption.

But over the last decade, John J. Dougherty, himself just indicted for allegedly embezzling union funds, and his allies have taken control.

Coffee is important to many, but for Philadelphia politicians a particular coffee can holds immense power.

That’s because the can (Horn & Hardart brand, specifically) is used to determine where candidates will appear on the ballot for local primary elections.

And when it comes to winning a nomination it’s all about location, location, location, a problem new voting machines won’t solve.

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