Have you smelled Delco recently? Apparently there’s an odor that some liken to gasoline and other compare to sulfur that’s been popping up unannounced in towns throughout the county. Officials don’t really know where it’s coming from. In other news, the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump opens today, Philly shares its plan to combat the opioid crisis in 2020, and a Kansas City Chiefs bar in South Philly celebrates its favorite team’s Super Bowl berth.

Philadelphia’s health department estimates that tens of thousands of Philadelphians are addicted to opioids. More than 3,000 people have died of drug overdose here in the last three years, making the city home to the worst urban opioid crisis in America.

The 2020 strategy for the city and its partners focuses on four main areas, according to reporting by my colleague Aubrey Whelan: treatment, communities, prevention and law enforcement, and harm reduction, including the opening of the country’s first supervised injection site.

For months, a mysterious fuel-like stench has plagued the 200-square-mile county. Residents are mad and government officials are confounded. It operates on its own schedule, appearing and disappearing as it travels between towns.

“That’s where the whodunit factor comes in,” said the director of emergency services for Delaware County. “When you’re dealing with fuel spills, smoke, pipeline incidents, there’s usually some type of starting point. But when it’s in the air, it’s hard.”

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“Even more worrisome is that the rush to American authoritarianism is taking place thanks to a government in which the ancient rituals of impeachment can also be seen as symbolic of a stultified democracy, no longer up to the task of governing an increasingly diverse nation of 330 million people. A modernly corrupt presidency deserves a modern impeachment trial — one that’s 100 percent open to the public and accessible to the press.” — Inquirer columnist Will Bunch about President Trump’s impeachment trial, which opens today.

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