Do you know who Billy Ciancaglini is? That’s part of the problem the Republican mayoral candidate says he faces as he tries to win the seat away from Democrat Jim Kenney. Whoever wins the election will be responsible for leading the city during a term that may include an economic recession, according to experts. And, already, the city is prepping for an economic downturn. But is it doing enough?

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South Philly neighborhood upended by longtime resident’s apparent land grab as property values soar

Less than a generation ago, it was hard to even give away land in this South Philly neighborhood. But, due to rapid change, a Grays Ferry community is facing internal conflict.

As values have soared, the nominal leader of a civic group that was formed to acquire and maintain some stray properties has apparently taken ownership of those properties himself. And some of his longtime neighbors aren’t happy.

Have you heard of Billy Ciancaglini?

Billy Ciancaglini is trying to become Philly’s first Republican mayor in decades. While his campaign messages hitting incumbent Democrat Jim Kenney might resonate, it’s going to be hard to overcome the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans 7-1 in Philadelphia.

“The problem is there are a lot of people who don’t leave their houses to go to community meetings and have never heard of me,” he said.

Philadelphia is getting ready for the next recession

A survey of economists finds a majority believing that the U.S. will enter the next recession by the end of 2021, and some even predicted that it could come sooner. State organizations are worried about how Philadelphia has been planning for a potential downturn.

For example, the state board that oversees the city’s budget is concerned that Philadelphia’s five-year spending plan didn’t account for the possibility of a significant revenue hit. The city does have a rainy-day fund, but the reserves would last only 33 days.

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“But this rally was about so much more. It was about the arrival of women in Pennsylvania’s halls of power in historic numbers. It was about making sure that the men who control the House and Senate with Republican majorities, and ranking Democratic leaders, too, understand that these new colleagues are here to be heard and not herded into an invisible corner.” — columnist Maria Panaritis writes about what happens if you call Pa.'s new female lawmakers “girlie.”

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