After years of construction, Center City is getting a brand new mall. And it seems to have as many retail stores as it does entertainment venues. A couple of miles north, a library at Temple is bringing ambitious architecture to the campus and has already established itself as “one of the best new buildings in Philadelphia.”

It used to be called the Gallery, and after three years of construction, it’s opening today as the Fashion District. It’s a mall, taking up three blocks of Market Street, and has more than just stores — it’s also got a music hall, movies, bowling, and a candy museum, for example. But many are wondering if, like the retail site that came before it, this flashy project will lead to an eventual demise.

If you’re someone who still goes to the mall to shop, particularly for clothes, you’ll find big Nike, Skechers, and Levi outlets that are also symbols of the kind of fashion city Philadelphia truly is. This is not a Gucci town, columnist Elizabeth Wellington writes. “When it comes to luxury labels, we are armchair fashionistas who turn our noses all the way up at expensive pieces."

The new Charles Library has become the instant heart and soul of Temple’s campus, according to The Inquirer’s architecture critic Inga Saffron. The building features two enormous portals that “practically enfold you in their wide embrace,” she writes. Inside, huge windows fill reading areas with natural light.

While “the level of ambition is something new for Temple,” it doesn’t mean the library is without flaws, she says. Still, why would you bother working anywhere else?

Pennsylvania State Sen. Mike Folmer resigned yesterday, a day after he was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and other crimes. The 63-year-old told authorities that he had been dealing with personal problems and received child pornography through his blog on the social media site Tumblr, according to court records.

Folmer, a Republican from Lebanon County, was considered one of the Senate’s staunchest conservatives.

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Low bars for Brett Kavanaugh and The New York Times
Signe Wilkinson
Low bars for Brett Kavanaugh and The New York Times

“Surely, police didn’t have to shoot him. Surely, less lethal methods could have been used to subdue him. Surely, things could have ended differently. But none of the officers was carrying a Taser. We don’t know why.” — columnist Jenice Armstrong writes about an incident in which police shot a resident with a long history of mental illness.

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Members of the Philadelphia Police Department and workers from some of the city’s biggest labor unions stepped into the ring last week. They boxed to honor 290 service members from Pennsylvania who died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.