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Today, we’re taking a look at the company that’s looking to drastically grow two Pennsylvania doughnut brands.

We’ll also look at gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, who embodies a Christian nationalist movement.

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A big Philly-area venture capital firm doubles down on doughnuts

Philadelphians, like all reasonable people, love their doughnuts. And that’s part of why NewSpring Capital is betting on two Pennsylvania businesses.

The private-investment group, based in Radnor, manages $2.5 billion for investors, and has pumped much of it into the kind of growing companies you might expect a digital-era investment firm to buy: medical devices, business software, specialty manufacturers, and retailers.

But last month, NewSpring bought a big stake in Philadelphia-based Federal Donuts and its 11 stores. And NewSpring is adding at least 40 franchised stores under the Mechanicsburg, Pa.-based Duck Donuts chain, in which it bought a controlling stake last year.

Read more on how Pennsylvania-based doughnuts can now be eaten from California to Dubai and why an investment company chose to make dough from dough.

What you should know today

Doug Mastriano embodies a Christian nationalist movement as he runs for governor: ‘We have the power of God’

Doug Mastriano, 58, is now a front-runner for the Republican nomination for governor in the nation’s fifth-largest state. With just a couple of weeks left before the May 17 primary, he has consistently led or been near the top of polls in the nine-person race. A career Army officer who has enjoyed a rapid political ascent since he won a south-central state Senate seat in 2019, he is known by many as a leader of the push to invalidate Joe Biden’s 81,000-vote victory in Pennsylvania, and for his presence at the Jan. 6, 2021, “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington that led to the Capitol attack.

But Mastriano has also become the epitome of a resurgent movement of Christian nationalism. Its followers believe the United States was founded as a Christian nation whose divine mission is under threat.

Read the story by my colleagues Juliana Feliciano Reyes and Andrew Seidman to see what that looks like for his campaign and what it means for his candidacy.

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