Brace yourselves, real winter might be approaching. Tonight’s and tomorrow’s forecasts call for cold temperatures, and we could get some snow this weekend.

In other news, yesterday was a happy, happy day for one of the greatest Eagles in franchise history, as Harold Carmichael got the news of being selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame after a long wait. We also have a story about the lack of parking enforcement in Philadelphia’s residential neighborhoods, which is causing problems for pedestrians. And last but not least, you’ll find a story about someone who could be the region’s foremost expert on cheesesteaks.

If you’ve taken a walk or a drive through a South Philly neighborhood, you’ll notice the cars. They’re parked on sidewalks and in crosswalks. They’re blocking fire hydrants, too, one restaurant manager said. Blatantly illegal parking is not new, but it might be getting worse.

Advocacy groups for people with disabilities are suing the city in federal court over the state of its sidewalks. Neither the Police Department nor the Parking Authority seem willing to take on the task. "I honestly don’t know what the solution is,” said Scott Petri, PPA executive director. “I guess we should have thought about that 100 years ago.”

The Pennsylvania legislature passed changes that as of 2015 required anyone working with children to undergo a series of background checks. It was in response to the devastating Penn State sexual abuse scandal. The goal of the checks was to prevent people with certain criminal records or a history of abuse from gaining access to children through youth programs.

But the laws might not be working as intended. For example, reporting by my colleagues at Spotlight PA reveals that organizations are able to skirt the rules without facing many consequences.

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“A Band-Aid will not close this gap. We are playing Whack-a-mole with a life-threatening issue when we need a complete overhaul. This is not a time for slow, gradual change — it’s a time for immediate, massive action.” — Andrew Knips writes about being fed up with the asbestos in Philly schools. Knips has worked with Philadelphia students and school leaders for over a decade and is a teacher leadership coach in the city.

  • Columnist Jenice Armstrong writes about an elementary school principal who will do anything for his students. And that includes cutting their hair.
  • Solving Philly’s homeless problem is a burden no one department or agency can solve alone, the Inquirer Editorial Board writes.

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Who is Philly’s cheesesteak authority? It might be this guy. Jim Pappas is a 56-year-old Delaware County native who just consumed his 500th cheesesteak in 20 months’ time. “When I started," he told my colleague Jenn Ladd, "my friends were like, ‘What are you doing? You’re an idiot. Everybody knows where to get a good cheesesteak.’”