It feels like summer again. Not only is it heating up, but the humidity is very much back, too. In Pennsylvania, our new and enlarged Harrisburg team looked into why nurses are getting fed up with the state’s process of getting licensed, even as a new program was supposed to make it better. And, over in Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order that calls on companies that want to do business with the state to get behind gun control measures.

Lucas Reasoner

He was a star football player, until he wasn’t. He was a world-famous wrestler, until he wasn’t. He was a secret agent, until he wasn’t. Who was Joe Savoldi?

His grandson Jim has spent more than 30 years researching his grandfather’s life. And the mystery all started after the Notre Dame star played a football game against Penn at Franklin Field in 1930.

In late 2016, Pennsylvania started rolling out a new, centralized electronic system to license nurses. It went to the state’s 29 licensing boards. They oversee everything from nurses to barbers to funeral directors, and said it would help with piles of paperwork and long wait times.

Nurses, lawmakers and state officials are getting frustrated that the rollout has taken longer than anticipated. It also hasn’t fixed known problems, they say. And, licensing fees for nurses are going up. One nurse who waited months to be able to register for a nursing license exam called it a “truly terrible” process.

Attention gun makers, dealers and financial institutions. The state of New Jersey is putting you on notice. Measure up to New Jersey’s strict gun-control standards, or you won’t be able to do business with the state.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order yesterday that will essentially allow N.J. to use its purchasing power to hold the gun industry accountable, according to state officials.

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Signe Wilkinson

“The chipped paint. The dusty carpets. The lack of foreign-language guides in Independence Hall. And don’t even start with the First Bank of the United States down the street — Alexander Hamilton’s pride and joy — which has been shuttered for 30 years and needs a complete overhaul, including a fire suppression system. You know, little things.” — Columnist Mike Newall writes about efforts to give Independence National Park a facelift, including a new GoFundMe campaign.

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