Expect full sun and temperatures in the low 60s, in a week that so far weather-wise has made little sense.

After four days of deliberations, the jury in the bribery case of City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson was at an impasse, resulting in a mistrial.

And, we look at the enduring power of Reading Terminal Market, and the remarkable manner in which it’s been able to weather whatever has been thrown its way.

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Jurors couldn’t decide on the fate of Kenyatta Johnson

The federal bribery trial of Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson ended in a mistrial Tuesday, an ambiguous conclusion that did little to clarify his future in elected office.

After four days and roughly 25 hours of deliberations at the federal courthouse in Center City, the panel of eight men and four women was unable to decide whether Johnson and his wife, Dawn Chavous, were guilty of bribery and honest services fraud.

“I do have a concern that there’s a manifest necessity for a mistrial,” U.S. District Judge Gerald A McHugh said before dismissing the jury just before 5 p.m. yesterday. “The jury has reached a deadlock and sending them back to deliberate any further may be coercive.

While Johnson supporters applauded the mistrial, our reporters Jeremy Roebuck and Oona Goodin Smith have more on the case and a look at what happens next as prosecutors vow to pursue a retrial. 🔒

What you should know today

Reading Terminal. The ‘defiant beating heart…of old Philadelphia’

Walk into the Reading Terminal Market and you can almost smell the history. Sure, to some Philadelphians, it’s a tourist attraction but to most it’s the market that has withstood the worst that’s been thrown at it, the latest being a pandemic that many vendors were unable to withstand.

Still, the market remains and is ready for a revival as tourism resumes and locals and visitors alike flock to the market that “feels personal.”

In this in-depth report from our features desk and visuals team, we take a look at the enduring spirit of Reading Terminal and its lasting influence on the City of Brotherly Love. 🔒

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