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Today we’re bringing you an exclusive investigation into a college student’s 1980 drowning in a boat that’s drawing fresh attention now.

— Ashley Hoffman (@_AshleyHoffman,

‘Accident to unsolved’

🎤 And now I’m passing the mic to our reporter William Bender:

The death of 20-year-old Debbie Sadusky at the Jersey Shore in 1980 never sat right with her family and friends, who had always suspected that it wasn’t just an accidental drowning. When I began looking into this a couple of months ago, I immediately saw why: Sadusky left a Margate bar with an unidentified man and asked her friend to watch her purse. Two days later, she was found inside the cabin of a sunken boat, wearing only her bra.

In between working on other stories, I interviewed as many people as I could about this case, including police, Sadusky’s brothers, a private investigator they’ve hired, Sadusky’s friends, and a man in South Jersey who some believe could have been the last to see her alive. He has denied ever meeting Sadusky, but will not take a polygraph.

My story doesn’t answer all the questions surrounding Sadusky’s death, but we wanted to at least lay out the facts that are currently known. Before the story ran, a detective from the New Jersey State Police Cold Case Unit told me that they had reclassified the death from an accident to unsolved.

Keep reading for more on what to know about this cold case.

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