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Today, we deliver the latest on Saturday’s deadly shooting on South Street, and share context on other recent shootings in Philadelphia and mass shootings across the country.

And, the COVID-19 vaccine will soon be available for children younger than 5. However, parents tell us they aren’t sure they want their toddlers to have it.

😊 Finally, a feel-good story for your Monday. You have to check out these cops who stepped up to save the music program at this Philly school after the teacher abruptly quit.

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‘Something’s got to give at some point’

At 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, Philadelphia became one more place in the country to join the recent spate of deadly shootings plaguing the country.

After gunfire erupted on South Street, leaving three people dead and at least 11 others injured, officials, advocates, and victims continue to search for answers, as there seems to be little calm heading into the summer months.

These stats should bring pause:

  • In Philadelphia, 94 people have been shot in the last 10 days as of late Sunday night.

  • With 14 people hit by gunfire, the South Street shooting left more people wounded or killed than any other episode of gun violence in Philadelphia since at least 2015, when 11 people were shot during a barbecue in the city’s Mantua neighborhood.

  • It was the first shooting on South Street in which multiple people were killed since 2015, when the police began regularly publishing gun-violence statistics.

  • Saturday into Sunday, there were two similar shootings near a nightclub and a strip mall in Tennessee and Arizona.

So where do we go from here? It remains to be seen, but:

What you should know today

Many parents don’t feel comfortable vaccinating kids under 5

Later this month, it’s expected that vaccines will be approved for kids 5 and under. The Food and Drug Administration has scheduled meetings next week to review the evidence on the pediatric vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna, and White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha said last week that the first 10 million doses could be available as soon as June 21.

But according to a national survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation last month, a number of parents aren’t sure whether they want their toddlers to get the vaccine.

🧒🏻 More than a third wanted to wait and see how other children responded before getting doses.

🧒🏻 About 40% are reluctant to get children under 5 vaccinated at all.

🧒🏻 More than a quarter said they would “definitely not” get their children vaccinated at all.

“I don’t feel comfortable,” said Joshua Williams, of Philadelphia, as he watched 4-year-old Lovely and 2-year-old Josh Jr. clamber through a playground clubhouse at Penn Treaty Park. “It’s not like they did a lot of research on the vaccine yet.”

It’s a situation that leaves both pediatricians and public health authorities in the Philadelphia region with some persuading to do. Our reporter Jason Laughin explores that effort.

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