This morning, the news is all about heat. First you’ll learn all about how to find it, thanks to a local matchmaker who’s thriving in the age of dating apps. Then you’ll see it burning up every corner of Philly sports, from controversy over the Flyers and Kate Smith to Bryce Harper’s ejection. Even Donovan McNabb is catching some from the Eagles. Can’t stand the heat, get out of ... your inbox?

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Think everyone is dating online these days? Think again. Philadelphia matchmaker Michal Naisteter knows that’s not the only modern way to find love.

The proliferation of apps like Tinder have chipped away at the stigma of being set up. But when singles tire of swiping left and right, they seek out professionals like Naisteter.

The goal of every match isn’t marriage, necessarily. It’s fewer, better dates.

It’s been six years since the Philadelphia School District closed Germantown High School. Back then, local residents wondered what might replace the school and who would be responsible for it.

The answers to those questions are still unclear, as the building’s owner has stayed mum and various development plans have come into and out of the picture.

Now the property has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in overdue taxes and is once again up for sale.

Philadelphians have been quick to voice their opinions on the removal of the statue of Kate Smith from outside Xfinity Live! Sunday. The Flyers parted ways with the singer’s rendition of “God Bless America” after her previous recordings of songs with racist lyrics came to light.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano said his town would continue to play Smith’s “God Bless America” along the boardwalk throughout the summer. Former Flyers VP Lou Scheinfeld says the team’s “knee-jerk reaction” to the controversy put them in a corner.

Readers wrote in to the Inquirer to express their thoughts on the matter, and none were too happy.

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Lincoln Reading the Mueller Report
Lincoln Reading the Mueller Report

“I know SEPTA was repeatedly warned about this issue before it rolled out the Key card, because I was part of an advisory group that raised it. But instead of addressing it, SEPTA officials chose to put an expensive burden on the backs of the most vulnerable Philadelphians.” — Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, a lifelong SEPTA rider and a Glenside resident, on the limitations of the SEPTA Key for groups and families.

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Power 99 FM longtime radio personality Mutha Knows is graduating from CCP in May. He's seen here in the studio on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019.
Power 99 FM longtime radio personality Mutha Knows is graduating from CCP in May. He's seen here in the studio on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019.

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Mutha Knows is a household name in local urban radio and one of the few black, openly queer voices in the industry. But to his college professors, he’s just “Kevin.”