Do you give your children an allowance? About two-thirds of American parents do. One Philly high school teacher is also giving his children money, with the goal of raising enough to hand students $500 to learn how to save and invest.

Also, an English couple and their young children are in custody at the Berks Detention Center after taking a wrong turn during a trip to Canada that landed them in the United States, their lawyers say. We also take a look at two years of the #MeToo movement.

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It’s been 2 years since they said #MeToo. 6 local women on what’s changed — and what hasn’t.

Two years after the #MeToo movement gave so many a voice, those who have experienced sexual harassment and assault are still coming forward. And those who are alleged to be perpetrators are still being called out.

In the second year of the movement, the playbook for perpetrators (especially famous ones) has changed. The pattern used to be that someone accused of harassment or assault would deny accusations, apologize, then drift into relative obscurity. Now, public freak-outs, lawsuits, forceful denials and playing-the-victim tactics are all being used.

They swerved from Canada into the U.S. to avoid an animal on the road. Now they and their baby are in custody in Berks County.

A couple from England’s vacation turned into a nightmare when they say they took a wrong turn while visiting Canada and entered the United States. Now, their attorneys say they’ve been shipped to Berks Detention Center in Leesport, Pa. along with their three-month-old baby and 2-year-old twins.

In a sworn statement, the mother wrote that the baby boy has been subjected to frigid and filthy conditions and is developing blotchy skin and a potential eye infection. At one point, she said, the child was left naked for several hours in the cold jail while his clothes and blankets were taken away to be washed.

How much are parents giving their kids for an allowance? An average of $30 a week.

Well, someone’s getting a raise. A new survey found that parents are shelling out an average of $30 a week, if they give an allowance at all. That’s up from $17 per week in 2016.

But views on allowances differ. About a third of American kids don’t get one. And three-quarters of American parents say they use allowances as a way to be fiscally responsible. But are any kids actually saving the money?

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“There are two ways I can tell when my pediatric patients have lost a relative to gun violence. One is the mother, who is wearing the dead person’s smiling face on her T-shirt. The other is the father, who has tattooed initials along with birthdates and death dates into the flesh of his arm.” — writes Dorothy R. Novick, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a fellow with CHOP’s Violence Prevention Initiative, about the government’s role in preventing trauma.

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