Let’s just say I’m happy to have lost some sleep to watch the end of last night’s Eagles-Rams upset. I’d be much less chipper this morning if I were directing you all to our coverage of the effective end to the season. Luckily, where football is concerned, it’s all good news for Philly today and the playoffs are still, amazingly, in play. If your nerves are already getting the best of you ahead of next week’s game, take a break with the story of another local icon: the Betsy Rosses (yes, there’s more than one) bringing history to life in Old City.

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— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

Eagles 30, Rams 23: Thanks to Nick Foles, Birds keep postseason hopes alive after upset win

Carson Wentz goes out with an injury. Nick Foles takes the wheel in Los Angeles. Sunday night’s Eagles storyline was eerily familiar to fans after similar circumstances set up St. Nick’s path to Super Bowl MVP last year.

The Birds and Foles had a happy ending last night, too, surprising nearly everyone with a 30-23 win over the Rams and keeping their playoff dreams alive for another week. The Eagles' battered defense spent the game making big plays and held strong in the final minutes.

With two must-win games left in the regular season, it’s unclear how long Foles will remain at the helm but columnist Mike Sielski calls him maybe the reason for last night’s upset.

Despite recent cleanups, Philadelphia schools still expose kids and teachers to asbestos

The School District of Philadelphia has received accolades for its aggressive efforts to protect students from lead paint following investigations into the schools' environmental hazards.

But the district has yet to be as effective with asbestos abatement. Recently obtained documents, photos, and emails reveal a district that triages asbestos-related emergencies and blunders, rather than apply comprehensive reforms.

The problems highlighted in the Inquirer’s “Toxic City: Sick Schools” reports — inadequate training of maintenance workers, shoddy work by contractors, and poor oversight of their work — are still at work.

Philly’s Betsy Rosses embrace modern entrepreneurism with an old-school upholstery biz

If you’ve taken a tour through the Betsy Ross House in Old City, you may have seen one of the landmark’s historic first-person interpreters sewing away.

But they’re not just putting together American flags anymore. Since 2011, the team of Betsys have been replicating upholstery work that Ross once did.

Now the house is nearly fully decorated and the Betsys are taking on outside projects with a very 2018 entrepreneurial spirit.

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