Nearly perfect conditions are expected this morning as Philly’s beloved Blue Cross Broad Street Run makes its spring return since COVID, with temperatures expected in the upper 40s at the 7:55 a.m. race start time and reaching near 70 by the afternoon.

It’s a pleasure to be with you on Sundays as always. I’m going to see Spoon this week thanks to a recommendation from my music consigliere Dan DeLuca, who crashes the newsletter today to talk about his latest column.

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Non-Comm is coming

🎤 And now I‘m handing the mic over to our music critic Dan DeLuca.

What’s a Non-Comm?

It’s a music convention for public radio people that happens every spring at the World Cafe Live. Or it did, until COVID canceled it in 2020 and it was only virtual last year. WXPN-FM (88.5) hosts, and programmers and promotion people from left-of-the-dial stations around the country come to Philly to schmooze and to see bands shop their wares.

Lots of bands. Non-Comm — it’s short for Non-Commvention, because most of the stations are community supported and noncommercial — is back as an in-person event this week, and, starting Tuesday, 30 acts will be playing in WCL’s upstairs The Lounge and downstairs Music Hall over three nights and afternoons.

It’s like a mini-SXSW, only you don’t have to fly to Austin or hustle from one club to the next. It all happens in one place. Big names like Lizzo, Willie Nelson, and Norah Jones have appeared in the past, and this year’s lineup is strong. Read more about Non-Comm and see how to listen, watch, or catch the bands in-person here.

What you should know today

🧩 Unscramble the Anagram 🧩

He grew up in Fitler Square before he was one of a few good men.

Hint: 🥓


We’ll select a reader at random to shout out here. Email us if you know the answer. Shout-out to Elise Pizzi for correctly guessing Antonio Banderas in Friday’s newsletter.

❓Pop Quiz ❓

Morning newsletter close readers: What was the former home of Chez Paree Disco?

A) Anchor Rock Club

B) Dunes Til Dawn

C) Bamboo Bar

D) The Osprey

Find out the answer here.

Photo of the Day

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My pal Felicia Gans Sobey will bring you the latest tomorrow. I’m counting down the days ‘til summer starts really sizzling and beautifying my patio oasis. Since I’ve been writing to you for nearly two years now, I know you love the Shore like I do. Care to tell us about your favorite Jersey Shore memory?