Everyone loves a good story, and Hazim Hardeman, the Temple grad who became the school’s first Rhodes scholar, has one for the ages. The journey from his North Philadelphia neighborhood to Oxford, England, has twists, turns, and a happy ending. Reporter Susan Snyder’s two-part deep-dive into his past and present is full of hope and perseverance. For others, getting through college can be a much different story. In Ivy League schools, including Penn and Princeton, students with mental illness are claiming discrimination.

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

Last year, Temple University graduate Hazim Hardeman was named the school’s first-ever Rhodes scholar, one of just 32 students chosen nationally.

Many of his peers come from Ivy League degrees and privileged backgrounds. But Hardeman’s road to the scholarship from his North Philadelphia neighborhood was much more unlikely, and he wants others to follow his path,

Across the Atlantic, he’s now settled into Oxford where he’s carving his own space at the school and confronting its fraught legacy.

A new report from a disability-inclusion foundation claims Ivy League schools, including the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University, are discriminating against students with mental illness.

The report alleges the schools are forcing students to leave campus against their will and without medical justification via leave of absence policies that exacerbate the college mental-health crisis.

Good news for medical marijuana patients: Pennsylvania’s Department of Health awarded 23 new permits to cannabis companies Tuesday, doubling the number of marijuana dispensaries that it will allow to set up shop.

Each permit allows a company to operate three retail storefronts. When all the dispensaries are open the state will have 150 shops, including Center City’s first cannabis retailer.

But Tuesday’s announcement was also good news for Big Marijuana, as many of the permit winners were national outlets seeking to expand their footprints.

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