Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Pennsylvania today, with a visit to Philly on his list of stops. His visit comes a day after the Trump Administration’s regulations giving employers the ability to deny employees free coverage for birth control was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Former Vice President Joe Biden will also be in the state today. Combined, the visits of Pence and Biden show the importance of the state in the 2020 election, my colleagues report.

The Trump administration regulations that allow employers to deny female workers no-cost coverage for birth control by citing religious and moral obligations were upheld by a Supreme Court decision yesterday. That means that as many as 126,000 women could lose coverage for free birth control through their workplace health plans in the first year, according to government estimates.

The case stemmed from a lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. And the Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision overturned decisions by federal courts in Philadelphia that blocked the Trump administration’s rules from taking effect.

Mike Pence and Joe Biden are bringing their competing visions to Pennsylvania today, where they’ll visit four starkly different areas showing why the Keystone State is such an important battleground for the 2020 election.

Combined, they’re visiting Lancaster, Chester, and Lackawanna counties, along with Philadelphia. My colleagues Julia Terruso and Jonathan Tamari explain why those areas are so important politically.

In homes across the Philadelphia region, the coronavirus sent many 18- to 22-year-old students back to their parents’ home. Other young people lost jobs and could no longer afford to live on their own. At the same time, some who still had their jobs worked remotely and fled crowded apartments and cities where cases were spiking.

After getting over an initial adjustment of living together again, those families who had the means to offer support realized how fortunate they were, my colleague Erin McCarthy reports.

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