When Philadelphia police officers are the focus of investigations, they’re deemed unfit to serve on the street. Critics argue that they also shouldn’t be serving in the highly-sensitive unit where many are assigned. Unfit might also be a word Governor Wolf would use to describe the conditions in some Philly schools. He’s calling on lawmakers to back his multibillion dollar plan to change that. A non-profit is hoping to change the outlook of the opioid crisis in Philly by opening the nation’s first supervised injection site. They might be one step closer to doing so.

Have you ever wondered what happens to police officers who are deemed unfit for street duty because of pending investigations? The Philadelphia Police Department’s solution to this problem is facing some criticism.

Officers in this category have recently been sent to monitor security cameras inside a highly-sensitive federally-funded Homeland Security intelligence-sharing center.

Commissioner Richard Ross says placing officers on the camera unit is a low-risk way to get work from tainted officers still on the payroll. But critics argue that it’s the last place you’d want an officer with credibility issues.

Gov. Tom Wolf called for $100 million in additional funds to repair and remove lead paint from Philadelphia district schools. Wolf says his plan was informed by The Inquirer’s Toxic City: Sick Schools investigation.

Last year, Inquirer reporters shed light on the dangerous levels of environmental hazards that put students at risk every day in Philly schools.

Wolf’s proposed Restore Pennsylvania is a four-year, multibillion dollar initiative to fix crumbling schools across the state. He is asking lawmakers to fund the initiative with taxes on natural gas extraction.

Safehouse, the non-profit founded to open a supervised injection site in Philadelphia, might have moved a step closer to making that a reality. Representatives announced they’ve entered into negotiations to lease a property in Kensington that could become the nation’s first such site.

According to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, Safehouse could wind up getting the space rent-free. And they say the family offering the location has a personal connection to the crisis.

Kensington has long been the center of the city’s battle with opioids and this location has emerged as Safehouse’s frontrunner due to how convenient it would be for many people in addiction. Despite the development, there is still a major obstacle standing in Safehouse’s way.

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March 22, 2019
Signe Wilkinson
March 22, 2019

“The encampments in Kensington are a symptom of both the opioid crisis and the lack of social services for those who need them most. Investment in housing and resources is the best way to keep them closed.” — The Inquirer Editorial Board on what must happen following Philadelphia’s closure of Kensington encampments.

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Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry celebrates his stop for a loss of San Francisco running back Carlos Hyde during the 1st quarter of the game at Lincoln Financial Field October 29, 2017. Eagles won 33-10.
CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer
Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry celebrates his stop for a loss of San Francisco running back Carlos Hyde during the 1st quarter of the game at Lincoln Financial Field October 29, 2017. Eagles won 33-10.

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