It’s been a particularly violent year in Philadelphia, with over 1,100 shootings since the start of the year. The violence has reached levels not seen in more than a decade. Yesterday afternoon, nearly 100 residents, activists, and city officials gathered for a rally and called for change.

This past weekend’s spike was the latest in a series of violent outbursts in Philadelphia in 2020, coming just days before City Council plans emergency hearings about why shootings keep increasing. So far, it’s the city’s most violent year in more than a decade.

Through Sunday, shootings are up 36% over the same span last year. And among the victims have been at least 102 children, according to an Inquirer analysis.

Black bears are the most controversial animals in New Jersey. An incident on July 24 that left an 82-year-old man with 30 stitches in his face has revived the state’s debate on bear hunting.

Shortly before Gov. Phil Murphy took office in 2018, the state’s Fish and Wildlife Division claimed that if hunting stopped, the black bear population could “rebound to unacceptable levels.” In August of that year, Murphy signed an executive order that banned the killing of black bears on state land.

Philadelphia officials and organizers of the homeless encampment on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway have discussed using tiny homes to house many of the people currently living in tents on a field. So how did 12 Lancaster County craftsmen get involved in a potential solution to one of Philadelphia’s most complicated problems?

The connection starts with Stephanie Sena, a Villanova law professor, who has spent years helping the fight against homelessness, which she considers a human-rights violation. Soon, Sena expects to start a pilot program that would create a village of tiny homes on city property, my colleague Alfred Lubrano reports.

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“I might not know from nimble, but, yes, I’ll miss the clickities. At the subconscious level, where things truly matter, they were reassuring. All or most was right with the universe, no matter what was or wasn’t happening.”writes staff writer Anthony R. Wood about how KYW has ditched one of Philly’s signature soundtracks.

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Your Daily Dose of | Meteors

A meteor streaking across the sky in 2016 during the Perseids.
A meteor streaking across the sky in 2016 during the Perseids.

Tonight could be your best shot to see the Perseid meteor shower in the Philadelphia region. The Perseid is typically the best meteor shower for viewing in the Northern Hemisphere and occurs from July to August. At its peak, there can be up to 60 meteors an hour.