Slow but steady wins the race? If that’s the case, then perhaps Philadelphia is winning the game of growth. New census data shows our population is still growing little by little. Infographics on the data we have for you this morning give a bird’s eye view of how our region is changing. Speaking of birds, we have a preview of what next season holds for the Eagles now that the schedule is out. Plus, take a look at what are considered Philly’s “opportunity occupations.”

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Philly’s population grew a little bit again in 2018. It was the 12th straight year of growth for the city, according to new Census Bureau estimates.

The growth of Philly is outpacing its suburban counties, too, except for Chester. While the region may be growing, that doesn’t mean people aren’t leaving. The city’s actually seen a net loss in domestic migration.

What else is changing? Dig into the data with interactive infographics from staff artist John Duchneskie.

Back in February, the three-member Philadelphia election board selected new voting machines for the city and their choice has been criticized ever since.

For weeks advocates have implored them to reverse their decision, restart the selection process, and make it more transparent. One member of the board even agreed.

But watchdogs received a setback Wednesday as the other two judges said they won’t overturn their decision.

If you don’t have a four-year college degree (like 62 percent of Philadelphians older than 25) and are looking for a job, Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Cleveland have some ideas.

Their new report says that nurses, truck drivers, bookkeeping clerks and other jobs are “opportunity occupations” that pay more than the national median wage but don’t require those degrees.

These kinds of jobs compose 20 percent of the jobs in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington area.

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