It’s Monday, a clean slate with a chilly start expected to creep into the low 50s.

Today’s top story hits home. We take a look at ticket resale prices, their inflated mark-ups, and tips to avoid getting duped.

Also, will the endurance of remote work derail the Center City comeback? This economist says only millennials can answer that.

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Buying tickets to a Philly show? Search carefully.

During the Sixers’ playoff run last year, I tried to get tickets to Game 2 against the Atlanta Hawks. I found a pair of upper-level seats at the Wells Fargo Center for $98 apiece.

By the time I got my credit card, they were gone. I managed to find another pair at the resale link I clicked. The same level, same section was now $219 per ticket — before taxes and fees. Fees that would have made that game cost close to $600 — to sit in nosebleeds.

As today’s story from reporters Chris Williams and Juliana Feliciano Reyes shows, the ticket resale market is a convoluted funnel of search engine optimization and targeted ads to marked-up event tickets with exorbitant fees, resulting in inflated costs for you and profits for resellers far greater than the tickets’ actual value.

And to avoid getting duped here’s a short list of red flags to look out for before you buy.

What you should know today

Remote work, millennials, and Philly’s future

COVID-19 has forced companies to take a hard look at the idea of work-life balance. The days of employees accepting the traditional 9-to-5, in-person workweek are gone for many.

But that change, and its impact on the downtown economy, doesn’t necessarily mean Philly is headed for a prolonged slowdown, local economist Joel Naroff writes. Much depends on the millennials who, before the pandemic, were flocking to major cities for work. Love it or hate it, “the resulting gentrification created a synergy where the growing workforce of younger, highly skilled workers and the need for office space fed each other,” Naroff writes.

This guest report offers a detailed look at the future of Philly under this new hybrid way of working.

🧠 Philly Trivia Time 🧠

When the Philadelphia Ballet took the stage Friday for the opening night of George Balanchine’s holiday favorite “The Nutcracker,” it marked the first time in a long time gracing the stage at the Academy of Music. Today’s question: How long did fans have to wait for a return? You can find the answer here, along with a review of opening night.

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