It’s Tuesday and we’re again expected to top out in the low 50s, but you will need those sunglasses.

Today we take a look at the city’s new vaccine mandate and the many things it will affect.

Also, why the dream of homeownership hasn’t gotten any easier for Black Philly over the past 30 years.

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What does Philly’s vaccine new mandate affect? Here’s the rundown

Patrons of city bars, restaurants, sporting events, gyms, and more will soon have to show proof of vaccination to enter under the mandate announced yesterday. There are some exceptions, but it’s a short list.

The new requirement to hit up your favorite restaurant or a Flyers game, which starts Jan. 3, comes as COVID-19 hospitalizations in Philly have increased by as much as 50% in the past few weeks.

Our reporter Nick Vadala breaks down what you need to know about the mandate, including which venues are included. And our reporters Laura McCrystal and Anthony R. Wood have the full story. It’s a good time to get your booster shot.

What you should know today

Black Philly’s dream of homeownership hasn’t gotten any easier

And this is over a 30-year-period, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Why? Because entrenched inequities in employment and income mean owning a home is relatively more expensive for Black residents than for white residents.

  • What’s slowing progress? While owning a home is the most surefire way to build generational wealth, Black Philadelphians are finding that banks use credit history blemishes that typically affect people of color to deny loans.

  • By the numbers: Lenders cited credit history as a reason for denying 16% of rejected white applicants but 29% of rejected Black applicants.

  • A solution? Philadelphia Fed researchers said one way to increase Black borrowers’ access to loans is to give them credit for rent payments and other monthly expenses.

  • The big picture: The gap is cause for concern for the economy as a whole, said Theresa Singleton of the Philadelphia Fed, who co-authored the report. Too often, [the] disparity in homeownership “is viewed as an issue of a specific demographic group when it has larger economic implications.”

Our reporter Michaelle Bond has more on the situation and what experts say needs to be done to start leveling the playing field.

🧠 Philly Trivia Time 🧠

Norm Van Brocklin is the seemingly iron-clad quarterback credited with leading the Eagles to their second-ever championship. Today’s question: What year did the Eagles win with Van Brocklin? Our columnist Mike Sielski provides the answer along with this look at a much softer side of the revered QB.

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