Good morning, Philly. I hope you enjoyed the nice weather this weekend and I hope you’re ready for some more. It’s going to be a warm April day. If you’re behind the wheel this morning, be sure to put down your phone and save this for later. After all, we’re talking about distracted driving (and how New Jersey and Pennsylvania are handling the scourge differently) today. In other news, the tragic killing of a woman in a Radnor Wawa on March 28 is prompting lawmakers to push for stricter gun laws that could have prevented her death. We’ve got the details below.

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This month, police officers and advocates nationwide are trying to spread awareness about distracted driving. New Jersey is in the middle of an annual three-week police crackdown while Pennsylvania is reporting a 5 percent drop in tickets for distracted driving in 2018.

The two states have responded to the dangerous habit differently. New Jersey’s anti-texting blitz caught 28,000 cell-phone-using drivers in April 2017 and 2018.

That’s triple the number of total distracted-driving citations written in Pennsylvania in those entire two years.

On March 28, Brian Kennedy walked into a Radnor Wawa and gunned down Stephanie Miller, his ex-wife and the mother of his child, with a semiautomatic military-style rifle, police said.

It was the end of a years-long custody battle between Kennedy and Miller. Police knew of the volatile relationship between the two; he had threatened to kill her three years earlier at the same Wawa.

Now local legislators are pushing for a “red flag” protection law that could have prevented Kennedy from purchasing the gun he used to take Miller’s life.

Malnutrition may be on the rise among the elderly in our region and around the country as hunger increases, according to health professionals.

And it can lead to weight loss, reduced immunity to disease, and more health problems.

Hunger among seniors is a big problem for Philadelphia in particular. Its senior poverty rate is the highest among the biggest cities in the U.S.

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