Police reported two arrests late Friday afternoon in the case of a woman and two companions throwing hot coffee in the faces of three employees at a Wawa store in Upper Darby.

The incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. Thursday at 460 S. 69th St., said Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood.

"She takes the coffee and heaves it at them," he said. After the woman, who was wearing a gray hoodie, threw the coffee, the three laughed and then ran from the store into the Patterson Avenue area, he said.

The three employees – two women and a man – were treated by medics at the scene. The employees were behind the deli counter when the hot liquid hit them in the face, neck, and upper body. They declined to go to a hospital, he said.

Police released photos of two of the suspects. The third woman was not captured on surveillance video, he said.

The trio has been at the store before, throwing food and harassing customers, he said.

"What would cause somebody to do something so mean, so hateful and evil is beyond me," said Chitwood. "It was pure, pure evil."

Upper Darby police said tips helped lead to the arrests.