So much for high society at The Pennsylvania Society.

As the annual swanky soirée of Pennsylvania politicians
and lobbyists kicked off at the Waldorf-Astoria this past
weekend, a bar brawl broke out acrossthe street from
the famed hotel between a group of Republicans and
a group of folks from Philly.

We're talking ripped shirts, overturned tables
and flying glass.

Here's what happened, according to one bystander who asked not to be identified.

It was the wee hours of Saturday morning, and the scene was the upscale bar in the hotel lobby
of the W Hotel across from the Waldorf.

The bar was crowded, and most in there had already had
more than a few drinks. A man, identified by the bystander
as a member of the Local 98 electricians union, allegedly
began pushing people aside as he tried to make his way
through the bar.

It should be noted right here that Local 98 spokesman
Frank Keel said the man is NOT an actual union member or
consultant. Rather, said Keel, the person - who he would not
name -- was just out with Local 98 members, who were also
at the W bar at the time the fight broke out.

At one point, the man came upon a small group of Republicans associated with the state GOP, and (rather
impolitely, we're told) ordered them to get out of the way. When they didn't, heated words were
exchanged, and the local 98 member was asked to leave.

But he returned soon after, this time with a friend. He made a beeline to the Republicans - and

That's when the place, filled with the well-dressed and well-heeled, went nuts.

For about 45 seconds, the bar resembled a scene from a bad frat movie, with others at the bar joining
in the fight, swinging fists, bumping into tables and knocking over glasses.

Predictably, the hotel's bouncers broke up the fight and summarily bounced those involved. Nobody
got hurt - or arrested.

"It was stupid," the bystander said. "It never should have happened."

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