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My Daughter's Kitchen
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'No-cook' salad recipes get mixed reviews

We assembled and announced that we were going to have a "no cooking" cooking class.  The girls were confused.  One student was concerned that we were not going to get to eat, and another thought that we, the instructors, were going to cook for them!  I explained that  meals prepared from cold and room temperature ingredients were among my favorites, because all of the work and clean up can be done ahead of time, with more time to relax around the table.  The girls really enjoyed the egg salad pitas.  The kale salad would have been better if we had dressed it sooner, and it got more mixed reviews.  Anecia Eaton warmed our hearts when she announced that "trying new foods was great!", and Shaianne Croker observed that "you can mix different things and together they taste great!".