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My Daughter's Kitchen
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Trying the peppers and slaw, suggesting improvements

This week one of our alternates, Jan Fuentes, was able to join us as one of our usual students could not make it.  The team welcomed Jan in with open arms.  As Adeline Perez and Karen Godinez stirred our pepper filling they made sure to pass the job around so everyone had a chance to stir and smell the amazing aroma the food gave off.  We also had the pleasure of Maureen Fitzgerald coming to see our group and share some of her cooking tips with us!  Arianna Bacci received some great tips for holding an onion while slicing it to keep her fingers out of the way.  This meal was a lesson in trying new things that aren't necessarily to the students' taste.  Many did not enjoy the pepper, but liked the filling a lot.  Adeline Perez suggested using red or yellow peppers to make it sweeter.  Jan Fuentes suggested using a sauce that did not include dijon mustard on the cabbage slaw.  Briannalyss Santiago enjoyed the dish the most, and even ate some of the pepper.  All of the students tried the food, and they were excited to bring some home to share with their parents.