An IOM editorial in the DN today makes the case that Pennsylvania really, really needs to rethink its campaign finance laws:

Currently, there are no limits for individuals or political action committees. If you want to drop $1 million into the coffers of someone campaigning for state office, there's nothing stopping you. As a result, candidates are forced to raise large amounts of cash to remain competitive.


No one gives that kind of money to politicians without expecting something in return. The biggest donations come from individuals and PACs connected to industries that are subject to state regulation or which bid on state contracts. That includes lawyers, construction firms, unions and health-care companies, among others.

The editorial goes on to share some ideas for how this situation could be fixed. It also acknowledges that, yes, reform seems unlikely. But consider this:

The truth is that many lawmakers are tired of constantly being forced to raise more and more money. And donors are sick of being constantly asked. Both sides might be willing to unilaterally disarm.

Here are some groups working for reform on this issue:

Common Cause

Democracy Rising

League of Women Voters

The Commonwealth Foundation

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