Mayor Nutter is in Harrisburg today

The mayor is hoping to persuade state lawmakers to support two funding proposals to help the cash-strapped city. Philadelphia has a 1.4-billion dollar budget gap.

Mayor Nutter told "Good Day Philadelphia," the state is also facing a huge budget gap and the governor and lawmakers are focused on state-wide issues. However, Mayor Nutter says it is important to clearly communicate the issues facing the city. "We need to lay-out to the legislators, to the leadership, to all the members why we've done what we've done. How our budget balances and at the same time what are some of the consequences, not just for Philadelphia, but Philadelphia as it affects the entire region." Mayor Nutter says "If the city does well, the region does better."

The mayor wants to raise the city's sales tax for five years to increase revenue. He is also pushing for a two-year delay for the city's annual contributions to the employee pension plan.