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His and her's Chase Utley jerseys: Cute or Pathetic?

I've noticed an alarming trend at Citizen's Bank Ballpark this season. Countless young married couples - most of whom seem like good people - have fooled themselves into thinking that it is socially acceptable to wear his and hers Chase Utley jerseys to Phillies games.

I just took a random poll around the press box, and my feelings have been confirmed: it's pathetic.

Hey, I know what it's like to be young and in love. Actually, no I don't. But I can imagine what it is like. And I'm sure it makes you do crazy things like frolicking through fields of wildflowers and walking hand in hand and, of course, quilting.

But I draw the line at his and hers jerseys.

HUSBAND: Honey, the Phils have a big series against the Rockies tonight. We should go.

WIFE: Babe, we were supposed to watch the season fianle of A Wedding Story together.

HUSBAND: But it's Memorial Day! And the weather is beautiful! I can almost smell the hot dogs now!

WIFE: Well, OK. But only if I can completely embarass you by making you wear the same Chase Utley jersey as me!

I'm not judging you, fellas. I'm just warning you: it's a good way to get your Man Card permanently revoked.

Besides, she looks cute in the jersey.

You don't.