Kyle Kendrick did not make his scheduled start today for Lehigh Valley, which had the potential to be interesting during trade season.  But I put in a call to farm director Chuck Lamar, who said, "He was just pushed back until tomorrow.  This had nothing to do with the trade deadline at the major league level.  He will start tomorrow at Lehigh Valley."

Nats righty bat Josh Willingham, who some have said would make sense for the Phils, is in the lineup tonight for Washington, by the way.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, Kendrick for Willingham sounds too good to be true for Phillies fans because it is.  Of course, Willingham would be perfect for the Phils, but it would take more than Kendrick to land him. I wrote that he was in the Nats lineup tonight to make clear that he was NOT being traded for Kendrick.