Eleven people were taken into custody Tuesday and were to  be cited for disorderly conduct after staging a sit-in at the Center City office of Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) to demand that he schedule a public town-hall meeting, police said.

They were released after being issued citations.

Police do not characterize the issuance of summary charges as arrests even though a person may be taken into custody while the paperwork is processed.

Toomey is moving his office to 200 Chestnut St. in the Customs House, a federal government building, on Wednesday.

"Last week, Senator Toomey's office informed the Philadelphia Tuesday protesters that Senator Toomey would be in Washington today, February 28th, and that staff would not be available to meet due to the impending office move that is scheduled for tomorrow. In an effort to ensure that a constructive dialogue was continuing, staff met with protesters last Thursday in Philadelphia.
"Senator Toomey's current Philadelphia office is located in a privately owned building. Each week, building management, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police Department, work to ensure protesters are able to organize in a safe and lawful environment. Today though, protesters decided to stage a sit-in in the lobby of the building where Senator Toomey's Philadelphia office is located. After voicing their concerns, protesters were asked by building management to leave. This was followed up by multiple requests from the Philadelphia Police Department.
"Senator Toomey believes that civility is a necessary part of a productive conversation. He does not support the actions of the protesters today who disobeyed the lawful requests from the Philadelphia Police Department."