After news spread that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was buying personalized shotguns for his offensive line this Christmas, the players were quickly offered another gift: gun locks.

The gun-violence-prevention group CeaseFirePA said it was sending gun locks to the Eagles players who were receiving the shotguns from Wentz.

The rookie quarterback, who is a hunter, is buying the offensive line Beretta shotguns, each with the player's number engraved on the butt of the gun, according to ESPN.

And now, the players are also getting locks for their firearms.

"Our staff's immediate reaction to the news about Wentz's gifts to his teammates was to ensure that the gifts were used safely and responsibly," Shira Goodman, CeaseFirePA's executive director, said in a statement. She said the organization was also encouraging the players to take gun-safety course and model responsible gun ownership.

"I haven't really held a gun or anything before," Isaac Seumalo told ESPN. "But I'm more than thankful for it. It looks sweet. Carson said he'd teach me how to use it and all that good stuff."

An informal Inquirer survey of 37 players on the Eagles roster this fall found just 18 who said they owned a firearm. Some of those players said they kept guns for protection, while others said they used them for hunting. Like Wentz, who is from North Dakota, many of the other players who said they owned guns came from states in the South or Midwest where firearms are more common.

But several gun-related incidents have caused trouble for the Eagles this season.

In October, linebacker Nigel Bradham was arrested when he left a loaded gun in his backpack and tried to go through security at Miami International Airport.

Then, in November, wide receiver Josh Huff was charged in New Jersey with speeding, possession of a small amount of marijuana, and unlawful possession of a weapon after he was pulled over on the Walt Whitman Bridge with a handgun and six hollow-point bullets in his vehicle. The Eagles released Huff, who now plays for Tampa Bay, two days after his arrest.