Police have released surveillance images of a man wanted for spray-painting racist and pro-Donald Trump graffiti in South Philadelphia following the Republican's presidential election victory.

Storefronts, cars, and homes at multiple locations were vandalized Wednesday morning in the hours after Trump's surprise win.

Philadelphia police on Thursday released photos and video of a man wanted in at least some of the cases, reported on the 900 block of South 6th Street.

A house and parked cars on that block were vandalized; one of the vehicles had "Trump Rules and "Black Bitch" painted across it in large letters.

That vehicle's owner, a 62-year-old black woman, said Wednesday that her first reaction was, "Oh, my God" and police were "stunned" when she reported the damage.

The suspect in those incidents fled in an unknown direction after painting the cars and home, police said. Authorities described him as having a medium build and wearing a baseball cap, light-colored jacket with a reflective stripe on the shoulders, light-colored pants, black gloves and white sneakers. His race wasn't known.

More instances of disturbing graffiti were reported in other parts of South Philadelphia Wednesday. A swastika, the words "Sieg Heil 2016," and the word "Trump" with the 'T' replaced by a swastika were spray-painted on the windows of an empty store on the 1300 block of South Broad Street. A utility box with "Trump" and a swastika painted on it were seen at Broad and Reed Streets. Similar graffiti was also reported near the Meredith School at 5th and Fitzwater Streets.

Additional racial graffiti was scrawled on the steps of the Philadelphia School District headquarters at 440 N. Broad St. According to one witness, the graffiti said "F America KKK."

School district spokesman H. Lee Whack Jr. said the graffiti was washed off by staff shortly after it was discovered Thursday morning. It appears to have been painted overnight. There were no apparent leads, he said.

Police confirmed they had received a report of the graffiti, which was observed Thursday morning, but had no further information.

And anti-Trump graffiti was also spotted in Philadelphia following the election. On Thursday morning, workers were cleaning the words "Not my president" off City Hall, near the site of Wednesday night's large protest against Trump.

Anyone with information can call 215-686-8477  (686-TIPS) or send a text message to 773847 (PPDTIP).

Staff writers Kristen A. Graham and Julia Terruso contributed to this post.