For all that Philadelphia has to offer, there are couple of cultural behemoths that may always cast their shadows on our fine city: Benjamin Franklin and the beloved cheesesteak.

Now, Visit Philadelphia has taken that sentiment literally with their latest tourism commercial, which debuted Tuesday as part of the organizations "With love, Philadelphia XOXO" campaign. It is the brand's first new TV commercial since 2011.

Dubbed "Philazillas," the 60-second advertisement shows an enormous — yet, still stately — Ben Franklin duking it out with a giant cheesesteak as visitors and Philadelphians alike look on.

"What's with them?," one apparent out-of-towner asks her cab driver.

"Oh, those two? They're always fighting for attention," the cabbie replies.

As Visit Philly notes, the ad hopes to show off Philadelphia's historical and culinary mainstays while also highlighting other attractive aspects of the city. In that way, the ad appears to take a "tongue-in-cheek approach to addressing this topic," as Visit Philly writes of their work.