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Daily News grades the draft

Here is how the Daily News evaluated each team's NFL Draft performance along with a list of the players selected:

The Eagles drafted Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb with their first pick, the 36th overall in the second round.
The Eagles drafted Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb with their first pick, the 36th overall in the second round.Read more(AP)

Here is how the Daily News evaluated each team's NFL Draft performance along with a list of the players selected:


2 (36) Kevin Kolb, qb, Houston.

2 (57) Victor Abiamiri, de, Notre Dame.

3 (87) Stewart Bradley, lb, Nebraska.

3 (90) Tony Hunt, rb, Penn St.

5 (159) C.J. Gaddis, db, Clemson.

5 (162) Brent Celek, te, Cincinnati.

6 (201) Rashad Barksdale, db, Albany, N.Y.

7 (236) Nate Ilaoa, rb, Hawaii.

The QB pick at the top of the second round was out of leftfield for a team with a 30-year-old starter. The only pick with a legit chance of helping them right away aside from special teams is RB Tony Hunt.


1 (5) Levi Brown, ot, Penn St.

2 (33) Alan Branch, dt, Michigan.

3 (69) Buster Davis, lb, Florida St.

5 (142) Steve Breaston, wr, Michigan.

7 (215) Ben Patrick, te, Delaware.

What do you get an offense that averaged a league-worst 3.2 yards per carry last season? A road-grading tackle (Levi Brown).


1 (8) Jamaal Anderson, de, Arkansas.

2 (39) Justin Blalock, g, Texas.

2 (41) Chris Houston, db, Arkansas.

3 (75) Laurent Robinson, wr, Illinois St.

4 (109) Stephen Nicholas, lb, South Florida.

4 (133) Martrez Milner, te, Georgia.

6 (185) Trey Lewis, dt, Washburn.

6 (194) David Irons, db, Auburn.

6 (198) Doug Datish, ot, Ohio St.

6 (203) Daren Stone, db, Maine.

7 (244) Jason Snelling, rb, Virginia.

Falcons added a pair of immediate-impact pieces to their defense (DE Jamaal Anderson and CB Chris Houston) and a Day 1 starter for their offensive line (G Justin Blalock).


1 (29) Ben Grubbs, g, Auburn.

3 (74) Yamon Figurs, wr, Kansas St.

3 (86) Marshal Yanda, ot, Iowa.

4 (134) Antwan Barnes, lb, Florida International.

4 (137) Le'Ron McLain, rb, Alabama.

5 (174) Troy Smith, qb, Ohio St.

6 (207) Prescott Burgess, lb, Michigan.

Ravens are hoping third-round return ace Yamon Figurs can do for them what Devin Hester did for the Bears last season.


1 (12) Marshawn Lynch, rb, California.

2 (34) Paul Posluszny, lb, Penn St.

3 (92) Trent Edwards, qb, Stanford.

4 (111) Dwayne Wright, rb, Fresno St.

6 (184) John Wendling, db, Wyoming.

7 (222) Derek Schouman, te, Boise St.

7 (239) C.J. Ah You, de, Oklahoma.

Bills made up for missing out on Patrick Willis in the first round by trading up for Paul Posluszny early in Round 2. Also got RB Willis McGahee's replacement in Round 1 (Marshawn Lynch).


1 (25) Jon Beason, lb, Miami.

2 (45) Dwayne Jarrett, wr, Southern Cal.

2 (59) Ryan Kalil, c, Southern Cal.

3 (83) Charles Johnson, de, Georgia.

4 (118) Ryne Robinson, wr, Miami (Ohio).

5 (155) Dante Rosario, te, Oregon.

5 (164) Tim Shaw, lb, Penn State.

7 (226) C.J. Wilson, db, Baylor.

Traded down from 14 and still managed to land one of the draft's top two outside 'backers (Jon Beason), along with the best center in the draft (Ryan Kalil).


1 (31) Greg Olsen, te, Miami.

2 (62) Dan Bazuin, de, Central Michigan.

3 (93) Garrett Wolfe, rb, Northern Illinois.

3 (94) Michael Okwo, lb, Stanford.

4 (130) Josh Beekman, g, Boston Collge.

5 (167) Kevin Payne, db, Louisiana-Monroe.

5 (168) Corey Graham, db, New Hampshire.

7 (221) Trumaine McBride, db, Mississippi.

7 (241) Aaron Brant, ot, Iowa, St.

Bears GM Jerry Angelo almost certainly wrenched his back with his second- and third-round reaches for DE Dan Bazuin and RB Garrett Wolfe.


1 (18) Leon Hall, db, Michigan

2 (49) Kenny Irons, rb, Auburn.

4 (114) Marvin White, db, TCU.

5 (151) Jeff Rowe, qb, Nevada.

6 (187) Matt Toeaina, dt, Oregon.

7 (230) Dan Santucci, c, Notre Dame.

7 (253) Nedu Ndukwe, db, Notre Dame.

Kudos to the Bengals, who managed to make it through the entire draft without selecting a convicted felon.


1 (3) Joe Thomas, ot, Wisconsin.

1 (22) Brady Quinn, qb, Notre Dame.

2 (53) Eric Wright, db, UNLV.

5 (140) Brandon McDonald, db, Memphis.

6 (200) Melila Purcell, de, Hawaii.

7 (213) Chase Pittman, de, LSU.

7 (234) Syndric Steptoe, wr, Arizona.

If Brady Quinn pans out and CB Eric Wright manages to stay out of trouble, this draft could end up saving Romeo Crennel's job.


1 (26) Anthony Spencer, lb, Purdue.

3 (67) James Marten, ot, Boston College.

4 (103) Isaiah Stanback, qb, Washington.

4 (122) Doug Free, ot, Northern Illinois.

6 (178) Nick Folk, k, Arizona.

6 (195) Deon Anderson, rb, Connecticut.

7 (212) Courtney Brown, db, Cal Poly.

7 (237) Alan Ball, db, Illinois.

Beefed up a pass rush that had just 34 sacks last year by taking Anthony Spencer. Their wheeling and dealing also netted them an extra '08 first-round pick (from Cleveland).


1 (17) Jarvis Moss, de, Florida.

2 (56) Tim Crowder, de, Texas.

3 (70) Ryan Harris, ot, Notre Dame.

4 (121) Marcus Thomas, dt, Florida.

When Mike Shanahan attacks a need, he really attacks it, taking defensive ends with each of his first two picks. Gave up a third-round pick to trade up four spots and take Jarvis Moss.


1 (2) Calvin Johnson, wr, Georgia Tech.

2 (43) Drew Stanton, qb, Michigan St.

2 (58) Ikaika Alama-Francis, de, Hawaii.

2 (61) Gerald Alexander, db, Boise St.

4 (105) A.J. Davis, db, N.C. State.

4 (117) Manuel Ramirez, g, Texas Tech.

5 (158) Johnny Baldwin, lb, Alabama A&M.

7 (255) Ramzee Robinson, db, Alabama.

Matt Millen wasn't able to find a buyer for the No. 2 pick, but made the smart move by taking WR Calvin Johnson. After that, though, he reverted to form.


1 (16) Justin Harrell, dt, Tennessee.

2 (63) Brandon Jackson, rb, Nebraska.

3 (78) James Jones, wr, San Jose St.

3 (89) Aaron Rouse, db, Virginia Tech.

4 (119) Allen Barbre, ot, Missouri Southern.

5 (157) David Clowney, wr, Virginia Tech.

6 (191) Korey Hall, lb, Boise St.

6 (192) Desmond Bishop, lb, California.

6 (193) Mason Crosby, k, Colorado.

7 (228) DeShawn Wynn, rb, Florida.

7 (243) Clark Harris, te, Rutgers.

Packers' plan to take RB Marshawn Lynch at 16 went down the tubes when the Bills grabbed him at 12. Settled for undersized Brandon Jackson late in Round 2.


1 (10) Amobi Okoye, dt, Louisville.

3 (73) Jacoby Jones, wr, Lane.

4 (123) Fred Bennett, db, South Carolina.

5 (144) Brandon Harrison, db, Stanford.

5 (163) Brandon Frye, ot, Virginia Tech.

6 (183) Kasey Studdard, g, Texas.

7 (218) Zach Diles, lb, Kansas St.

While their first-round selection (DT Amobi Okoye) was a good one, their second-round pick, which they sent to the Falcons in the Matt Schaub deal, could turn out to be the one that turns around the franchise.


1 (32) Anthony Gonzalez, wr, Ohio St.

2 (42) Tony Ugoh, ot, Arkansas.

3 (95) Daymeion Hughes, db, California.

3 (98) Quinn Pitcock, dt, Ohio St.

4 (131) Brannon Condren, db, Troy.

4 (136) Clint Session, lb, Pittsburgh.

5 (169) Roy Hall, wr, Ohio St.

5 (173) Michael Coe, db, Alabama St.

7 (242) Keyunta Dawson, de, Texas Tech.

First-rounder Anthony Gonzalez will make a nice No. 3 receiver, but the Colts ignored their pressing cornerback need until the third round. Then again, who am I to question the wizardry of Bill Polian?


1 (21) Reggie Nelson, db, Florida.

2 (48) Justin Durant, lb, Hampton.

3 (79) Mike Walker, wr, UCF.

4 (101) Adam Podlesh, p, Maryland.

4 (113) Brian Smith, de, Missouri.

5 (149) Uche Nwaneri, g, Purdue.

5 (150) Josh Gattis, db, Wake Forest.

5 (166) Derek Landri, dt, Notre Dame.

7 (229) John Broussard, wr, San Jose St.

7 (251) Chad Nkang, lb, Elon.

7 (252) Andrew Carnahan, ot, Arizona St.

First-rounder Reggie Nelson fills a need at safety, but taking a small-school linebacker like Hampton's Justin Durant in Round 2 was a slight reach.


1 (23) Dwayne Bowe, wr, LSU.

2 (54) Turk McBride, dt, Tennessee.

3 (82) DeMarcus Tyler, dt, N.C. State.

5 (148) Kolby Smith, rb, Louisville.

5 (160) Justin Medlock, k, UCLA.

6 (196) Herbert Taylor, g, TCU.

7 (231) Michael Allan, te, Whitworth.

The addition of WR Dwayne Bowe will make it tougher for opposing defenses to stack eight in the box to stop Larry Johnson, but they passed on a much-needed offensive tackle (Joe Staley) to get him.


1 (9) Ted Ginn Jr., wr, Ohio St.

2 (40) John Beck, qb, BYU.

2 (60) Samson Satele, g, Hawaii.

3 (71) Lorenzo Booker, rb, Florida State.

4 (108) Paul Soliai, dt, Utah.

6 (181) Reagan Mauia, rb, Hawaii.

6 (l99) Drew Mormino, c, Central Michigan.

7 (219) Kelvin Smith, lb, Syracuse.

7 (225) Brandon Fields, p, Michigan St.

7 (238) Abraham Wright, de, Colorado.

Passed on Brady Quinn in the first round and reached for Ted Ginn Jr. Then got beat by Carolina to the draft's best center, Ryan Kalil, in Round 2. All in all, not a good draft.


1 (7) Adrian Peterson, rb, Oklahoma.

2 (44) Sidney Rice, wr, South Carolina.

3 (72) Marcus McCauley, db, Fresno St.

4 (102) Brian Robison, de, Texas.

5 (146) Aundrae Allison, wr, East Carolina.

6 (176) Rufus Alexander, lb, Oklahoma.

7 (217) Tyler Thigpen, qb, Coastal Carolina.

7 (233) Chandler Williams, wr, Florida International.

Taking RB Adrian Peterson at 7 was a no-brainer. Not sure the second-round selection of WR Sidney Rice over the USC tandem of Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith was a good move, though.


1 (24) Brandon Meriweather, db, Miami.

4 (127) Kareem Brown, dt, Miami.

5 (171) Clint Oldenburg, ot, Colorado St.

6 (180) Justin Rogers, lb, SMU.

6 (202) Mike Richardson, db, Notre Dame.

6 (208) Justise Hairston, rb, Central Connecticut St.

6 (209) Corey Hilliard, ot, Oklahoma St.

7 (211) Oscar Lua, lb, Southern Cal.

7 (247) Mike Elgin, g, Iowa.

Adding Randy Moss for a fourth-round pick. Picking up a second '08 first-round pick from the 49ers. Grabbing the draft's best cover safety, Brandon Meriweather. Not a bad weekend's work for next season's Super Bowl champs.


1 (27) Robert Meachem, wr, Tennessee.

3 (66) Usama Young, db, Kent St.

3 (88) Andy Alleman, g, Akron.

4 (107) Antonio Pittman, rb, Ohio St.

4 (125) Jermon Bushrod, ot, Towson.

5 (145) David Jones, db, Wingate.

7 (220) Marvin Mitchell, lb, Tennessee.

With all of the first-round-worthy corners gone, the Saints settled for making their No. 1-ranked offense even better by adding WR Robert Meachem's field-stretching speed.


1 (20) Aaron Ross, db, Texas.

2 (51) Steve Smith, wr, Southern Cal.

3 (81) Jay Alford, dt, Penn St.

4 (116) Zak DeOssie, lb, Brown.

5 (153) Kevin Boss, te, Western Oregon.

6 (189) Adam Koets, ot, Oregon St.

7 (224) Michael Johnson, db, Arizona.

7 (250) Ahmad Bradshaw, rb, Marshall.

CB Aaron Ross and WR Steve Smith were nice first- and second-round pickups, but do they really expect guard-turned-tackle David Diehl to protect flinching Eli Manning's blindside?


1 (14) Darrelle Revis, db, Pittsburgh.

2 (47) David Harris, lb, Michigan.

6 (177) Jacob Bender, ot, Nicholls St.

7 (235) Chansi Stuckey, wr, Clemson.

Only had two picks in the first 5 rounds, but got the draft's best corner (Darrelle Revis) and a solid LB (David Harris) to help with the transition to a 3-4 scheme.


1 (1) JaMarcus Russell, qb, LSU.

2 (38) Zach Miller, te, Arizona St.

3 (65) Quentin Moses, de, Georgia.

3 (91) Mario Henderson, ot, Florida St.

3 (99) Johnnie Lee Higgins, wr, UTEP.

4 (100) Michael Bush, rb, Louisville.

4 (110) John Bowie, db, Cincinnati.

5 (138) Jay Richardson, de, Ohio St.

5 (165) Eric Frampton, db, Washington St.

6 (175) Oren O'Neal, rb, Arkansas St.

7 (254) Jontahan Holland, wr, Louisiana Tech.

With six of the draft's top 100 picks, the Raiders focused on improving the league's worst offense. Shockingly, Big Al made some pretty good decisions, including taking JaMarcus Russell.


1 (15) Lawrence Timmons, lb, Florida St.

2 (46) LaMarr Woodley, lb, Michigan.

3 (77) Matt Spaeth, te, Minnesota.

4 (112) Daniel Sepulveda, p, Baylor.

4 (132) Ryan McBean, de, Oklahoma State.

5 (156) Cameron Stephenson, g, Rutgers.

5 (170) William Gay, db, Louisville.

7 (227) Dallas Baker, wr, Florida.

The Steelers doubled their chances of finding a replacement for Joey Porter by taking pass-rushers with their first two picks (Lawrence Timmons and LaMarr Woodley).


1 (30) Craig Davis, wr, LSU.

2 (37) Eric Weddle, db, Utah.

3 (96) Anthony Waters, lb, Clemson.

4 (129) Scott Chandler, te, Iowa.

5 (172) Legedu Naanee, wr, Boise St.

7 (240) Brandon Siler, lb, Florida.

A good, solid draft for a team that already had one of the league's best supply of talent.


1 (11) Patrick Willis, lb, Mississippi.

1 (28) Joe Staley, ot, Central Michigan.

3 (76) Jason Hill, wr, Washington St.

3 (97) Ray McDonald, de, Florida.

4 (104) Jay Moore, lb, Nebraska.

4 (126) Dashon Goldson, db, Washington.

4 (135) Joe Cohen, dt, Florida

5 (147) Tarell Brown, db, Texas.

6 (186) Thomas Clayton, rb, Kansas St.

Niners took a significant step toward becoming a playoff contender this weekend with the drafting of ILB Patrick Willis and OT Joe Staley and the trade for WR Darrell Jackson.


2 (55) Josh Wilson, db, Maryland.

3 (85) Brandon Mebane, dt, California.

4 (120) Baraka Atkins, de, Miami.

4 (124) Mansfield Wrotto, g, Georgia Tech.

5 (161) Will Herring, lb, Auburn.

6 (197) Courtney Taylor, wr, Auburn.

6 (210) Jordan Kent, wr, Oregon.

7 (232) Steve Vallos, ot, Wake Forest.

Seahawks traded away their No. 1 pick in the Deion Branch deal last year. CB Josh Wilson (2nd round) and DT Brandon Mebane (3rd round) were slight reaches.


1 (13) Adam Carriker, de, Nebraska.

2 (52) Brian Leonard, rb, Rutgers.

3 (84) Jonathan Wade, db, Tennessee.

5 (139) Dustin Fry, c, Clemson.

5 (154) Clifton Ryan, dt, Michigan St.

6 (190) Ken Shackleford, ot, Georgia.

7 (248) Keith Jackson, dt, Arkansas.

7 (249) Derek Stanley, wr, Wisconsin-Whitewater.

First-rounder Adam Carriker is an every-down DE who can also slide inside and play tackle. RB Brian Leonard will lighten Steven Jackson's 436-touch load.


1 (4) Gaines Adams, de, Clemson.

2 (35) Arron Sears, g, Tennessee.

2 (64) Sabby Piscitelli, db, Oregon St.

3 (68) Quincy Black, lb, New Mexico.

4 (106) Tanard Jackson, db, Syracuse.

5 (141) Greg Peterson, dt, N.C. Central.

6 (182) Adam Hayward, lb, Portland St.

7 (214) Chris Denman, ot, Fresno St.

7 (245) Marcus Hamilton, db, Virginia.

7 (246) Ken Darby, rb, Alabama.

Instead of trading up for Calvin Johnson, the Bucs focused their attention on fixing a defense that finished 21st in points allowed.


1 (19) Michael Griffin, db, Texas.

2 (50) Chris Henry, rb, Arizona.

3 (80) Paul Williams, wr, Fresno St.

4 (115) Leroy Harris, c, N.C. State.

4 (128) Chris Davis, wr, Florida St.

5 (152) Antonio Johnson, dt, Mississippi St.

6 (188) Joel Filani, wr, Texas Tech.

6 (204) Jacob Ford, de, Central Arkansas.

6 (206) Ryan Smith, db, Florida.

7 (223) Mike Otto, ot, Purdue.

Taking Texas safety Michael Griffin over Florida's Reggie Nelson was one of the more curious first-round decisions.


1 (6) LaRon Landry, db, LSU.

5 (143) Dallas Sartz, lb, Southern Cal.

6 (179) H.B. Blades, lb, Pittsburgh.

6 (205) Jordan Palmer, qb, UTEP.

7 (216) Tyler Ecker, te, Michigan.

The Redskins had just one pick in the first 142 selections, but hit a home run with that one, grabbing the draft's best safety, LaRon Landry. But that doesn't make up for the picks they squandered away last year for T.J. Duckett.