On Monday, as it has every year since 1994, the Daily News will publish the names of all the Blue Cross Broad Street Run finishers.

But for the first time, we'll be listing each runner's "chip time," the elapsed time from the starting line to the finish line.

In previous years, the Daily News had run each runner's "clock time," from the starting gun to the stride across the finish line. That remains the official determination for awards, according to USA Track and Field, the governing body for running events in this country. Those times will be listed separately for the leading finishers.

With the large number of entrants (more than 15,000 are expected), relatively few runners are actually at the starting line when the race begins. For that reason, the Daily News feels the chip times are of better service to its readers.

Both times can be found at www.broadstreetrun.com, the race's official Web site maintained by the Philadelphia Department of Recreation, shortly after the completion of the race.

Questions and comments on the Daily News pullout can be e-mailed to broadstreetrun@phillynews.com. *