In the last few days, 17 contestants have won Phillies gift packs courtesy of Home Run Payoff. Here's a recap:

Last night

Thomas McLaughlin, Philadelphia

John Young, Philadelphia

Weasie Hargett, Philadelphia


Percy Hall Jr., Philadelphia

Linda Moy, Philadelphia

Richard Russo, Trooper

Dorothea Hoffman, Burlington, N.J.

John Gallagher, Willingboro, N.J.


Mary O'Brien, Philadelphia

Joanne Bradley, Philadelphia

Bernie Zotter, Philadelphia

Patricia McGarvey, Philadelphia

Kevin Gordon, Philadelphia

R.A. Coleman, Philadelphia


Robert Mikolajczewski,

Sicklerville, N.J.

Anthony Cow, Philadelphia

Rick Brown, Philadelphia

The Daily News pays $1,000 for a home run hit in the Payoff inning and $10,000 for a grand slam. Contestants whose batter fails to hit a home run receive a gift pack, which includes a variety of Phillies-related items.

This season, the Daily News has paid out $3,000.

You can hear the Home Run Payoff inning during each Phillies broadcast on WPHT (1210-AM).

Today's coupon is on Page 74. *