I am a die-hard Eagles fan, none the less so because I have not lived in Philly (my hometown) since law school, 25 years or so years ago. I'm all for the passion of the fan base, and I agree when national commentators talk about how knowledgeable Philly fans are.

But I have to say that a lot of sports fans in Philly go way overboard. And the worst example of this self-destructive tendency in modern Philly sports history has to be the way Donovan McNabb has been treated. All the guy has done is play in five Pro Bowls, take the team to four conference finals and a Super Bowl. Not to mention the fact that Donovan is a class act through and through.

So chill, guys. And enjoy Donovan while he's here because we're all going to look back one day and talk about how great it was when we really had a quarterback here who could play.

Randy Maslow

Westfield, N.J.

Booing isn't bad

Fans will be fans, but it is the Philly press that should scare Kevin Kolb, not the fans. A little booing happens everywhere, just more so in Philly, and it affects the press more than the players.

Players know how to laugh it off. After all, the fans were booing the positional selection of a quarterback at the recent draft. The actual player was an unknown. And these guys get paid a lot of money to have tough skin.

I am really tired of the Philly press writing all these stupid "Philly fans are the toughest" articles.

I actually think it was a good pick.

Donovan McNabb has been injured four of the last five seasons at the end, including the injury in the championship game against Carolina everyone seems to overlook.

So statistically, there is an 80 percent chance he will not be there at the end of the 2007 season.

Tom Thompson

Manasquan, N.J.

McNabb is appreciated

Donovan McNabb got booed by fans on draft day, but that was back in 1999. Yet the media keep bringing that up.

As a season-ticket holder, I know no one gets a louder ovation when the players come out of the tunnel than McNabb. The media keep rehashing his harsh treatment, yet they seem to forget that he is also the most popular Eagle.

McNabb doesn't help his case when he said things like Syracuse fans are better than Eagles fans, and he really should tell his parents to stop giving interviews.

I personally wanted a quarterback in the 1999 draft, whether it was Tim Couch, Akili Smith or McNabb.

I'm tired of hearing how he got booed by a select group of fans. If he wasn't that appreciated in Philly he would never have gotten that $120 million contract.

It is tough to play in Philly, but it also can be easy when you play hard, perform and say the right things.

Kevin Kratzer

Wyoming, Pa.