Lito Sheppard vs. Plaxico Burress

What happens when two highly skilled, sore-legged veterans go against each other? We'll find out today.

Plaxico Burress has been bothered by a sore ankle all season and now has a sore knee as well. He has just one touchdown catch in his last six games, after catching eight in the Giants' first six games.

"He's still dangerous down in the red zone," Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson said. "He has still had a lot of touchdown catches. You don't see that burst like he's had. I'm sure the foot is bothering him, but he's playing through it. I have to give that guy credit. He's playing through a lot of pain right now. You do notice it."

Burress had four catches for 24 yards and a touchdown in the Eagles' first meeting with the Giants. He caught 17 passes for 323 yards and three TDs in three games against the Eagles last season.

Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard sat out the first game against New York with a sprained knee ligament, and he continues to be bothered by it. In fact, in last week's game against Seattle, Johnson decided to sit his Pro Bowl cornerback.

Johnson said the same thing would happen today if Sheppard cannot run with the wide receivers. So William James could get some playing time against his former team.

"If you're not full speed at cornerback, it's a difficult position to play," Johnson said.

That is true, but it might help when the wide receiver you're facing isn't full speed, either.