SMALLER IS better.

When the topic is Public League basketball for the 2007-08 season, you could make statement and cause nary an eyebrow to raise.

Coming off a PL title and two consecutive Class AA state championships, Prep Charter is in "barely skip a beat" mode, thanks to a deep rotation packed with productive players.

The team it conquered yesterday, 71-65, in a spirited nonleague clash, visiting Strawberry Mansion, returns all of its starters – wing scorers Dwayne Davis [Morehead State signee] and Eddie Frazier, and inside force Devon White head the cast - and likewise deserves upper-echelon status.

Moreover, yet another AA squad, Imhotep Charter, remains strong in part due to transfers Miguel Bocachica (mad bomber from George Washington) and Rashad Savage (dirty-worker from Ss. Neumann-Goretti). Point guard Lamar Trice, who's bound for Mount St. Mary's, is the prime holdover.

In AAA, Communications Tech looks to some folks' choice as the city's top senior, wing forward Andrew "Scootie" Randall, among others, while Franklin Learning Center not only returns four rotation members but has seen a former lesser light, 6-8 Jake Wasco, improve to the point where he has already signed with UMBC.

In A, it will likely be tough for Freire Charter to challenge for overall honors, but hey, the Dragons do return four rotation members.

We know what you're thinking ... what about the big boys?

In time, Simon Gratz will somehow find a way to be good in AAAA. However, the Bulldogs are feeling their way, for now, as gritty guard Charles White nurses an injury.

Though young, Southern is giving off something of an aura behind the leadership of its Reeses Pieces twins, Antoine and Anthony (better known as "Crip"). Novar Gadson, a slinky swingman, is the headliner at John Bartram, but three of his prime playmates also are back. Frankford appears capable of remaining on the upswing.

This year, and don't all faint at once, there is only one new team - Mariana Bracetti Charter. It features the league's tallest player, 6-10 Diyaaldin Kelley. Note to recruiters: You're too late. He has already signed with Division II Holy Family. Ah, but Diyaaldin has a 6-8 brother, Bilal, and he's a junior.

New coaches: Joseph "Coach X" Bradley, Germantown; Mike George, King; Freddie Stokes, Overbrook (Pub's leading scorer for West Philadelphia in '68 and NBA draftee); Frank Steed, West Philadelphia; Eric Hooks, Sayre; John Sullivan, Dobbins; Roy Calhoun, FitzSimons; Tye Taylor, Delaware Valley; Isa Clark, Mastery; Al Greene, New Media; Kenyatta McKinney, World Communications; Kyle Epps, Bracetti (well, new to PL); and Vic Otarola, Vaux.

The regular season begins today for Divisions A and B, and there will be four pre-Christmas playing dates. Teams in C and D must bide time until next month.




Coach: Haviland Harper, 10th year (also Parkway, 1982-98). Education: Central, George Washington. Career: 293-295; 128-96 at Central.

Last year: 7-7, 10-14.

Savvy seven: Acquil Cook, 6-5, F-C; Demetrius Couillard, 6-2, G; Joffrey Cummings-Glenn, 6-2, F; Darren Gee, 6-2, F; Yusef Nuriddin, 5-9, G; Malcolm Albright, 5-11, G; Brandon Smith, 6-5, C.

Harper's comment: "We will go as far as Acquil and Yusef take us."


Coach: Lloyd Jenkins, 8th year. Education: Bok, North Carolina A & T. Career: 61-80.

Last year: 5-9, 11-12.

Savvy seven: Chris Parks, 6-1, G; Tremell Green, 6-3, F; Hassan Jones, 5-10, G; Tyshaun Harper, 5-9, G; Corey Curtis, 6-foot, G; Khaleem Williams, 6-3, F; Joshua Garrett, 6-2, F.

Jenkins' comment: "Good senior leadership. Very young off bench. Anybody have smoke and mirrors?"


Coach: Cedric Powell, 9th year. Education: Bok, Lincoln. Career: 133-58.

Last year: 12-1, 20-7.

Savvy seven: Jake Wasco, 6-8, F-C; Kyle Sawyer, 5-10, G; Denzel Yard, 5-10, G; Khalief Trawick, 6-2, G; Ryan White, 6-6, F-C; Nasir Jones, 6-4, G-F; Karl Riley, 6-1, G.

Powell's comment: "We have to play hard and together."


Coach: Josh Rorer, 4th year. Education: Judge, Temple. Career: 7-48.

Last year: 0-13, 3-17.

Savvy seven: Randy Emerson, 6-foot, F; Matt Lyons, 5-9, G; David Vaughan, 6-foot, F; Jared Schwarz, 6-foot, G; Bryan Clark, 6-foot, G; Steve Taylor, 5-9, G; Ray Boyd, 5-10, F.

Rorer's comment: "Our goal is to try to get better every day."


Coach: Joseph "Coach X" Bradley, 1st year; Education: Lee (Jacksonville, Fla.), Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-10, 5-13.

Savvy seven: Khalief Mason, 5-6, G; Ralph Jarvis, 6-1, F; Mike Wilson, 6-2, G; Rasheed Carter, 6-3, F; Kevin Moody, 5-11, G; Jon Mason, 6-5, C; Brandon Kemp, 5-9, G.

Bradley's comment: "Loaded with seniors. They have nothing to lose."


Coach: Brian Blasy, 2nd year; Education: McDevitt, Temple. Career: 4-13.

Last year: 4-10, 4-13.

Savvy seven: Erick Johnson, 5-9, G; John Johnson, 5-10, G; Andrew Bailey, 6-2, F; Robert Westbrooks, 6-7, C; Vincent Bullock, 5-9, G; Blair Otley-Chesterfield, 6-6, F-C; Michael Dickinson, 6-6, F.

Blasy's comment: "We still have guards and, finally, some size."


Coach: James Brown, 2nd year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1995, '98-99; West Philadelphia, '96-97). Education: Overbrook, West Chester. Career: 47-62; 15-9 at Bartram.

Last year: 9-5, 15-9.

Savvy seven: Novar Gadson, 6-6, G-F; Clyde James, 6-3, F; Tyreese Wheeler, 6-1, F; Tyrone Garland, 5-11, G; Michael Dudley, 5-8, G; Danny Walker, 6-5, F-C; Quadrice Hendrix, 6-4, F.

Brown's comment: "Return a lot of varsity players. Still must play harder and smarter."


Coach: Mike George, 1st year; Education: Poolesville (Md.), Salisbury State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-8, 6-13.

Savvy seven: Alexander Gaddy, 6-2, G; Dwain Winkfield, 6-4, C; Antonio Wormley, 6-3, F; Jeff Rozier, 5-8, G; Mark Johnson, 5-10, G; Martise Dixon, 6-foot, F; Sultan Edwads, 5-8, G.

George's comment: "Smart and energetic. With teamwork, we can do something."


Coach: Freddie Stokes, 1st year; Education: West Philadelphia, Barber-Scotia. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 10-4, 12-10.

Savvy seven: Nurideen Lindsey, 6-3, G; Vernon Harris, 6-4, F-C; Thomas Edwards, 6-3, G-F; Raheem Nelson, 6-2, G-F; Najee Underwood, 6-1, G; Warren Dogan, 5-11, G; Marcellus Sims, 6-4, F-C.

Stokes' comment: "We'll sneak up on people. 'Brook is gonna be back."


Coach: Terrell Burnett, 9th year. Education: Warrenton (Ga.), Temple. Career: 79-86.

Last year: 6-8, 10-12.

Savvy seven: Clayton Brothers, 6-foot, G; Chris Anthony, 5-9, G; Eric Bryan, 6-5, C; Marquis Reaves, 6-4, F; Tyrone Carnegay, 6-3, F; Gabriel Thomas, 5-5, G; David Melton, 6-foot, G-F.

Burnett's comment: "We have potential. Now we have to step up."


Coach: Leonard Poole, 6th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1997). Education: Gratz, East Stroudsburg. Career: 117-47; 115-31 at Gratz.

Last year: 13-0, 25-7.

Savvy seven: Charles White, 6-2, G; Alibaba Odd, 6-4, G-F; Antoine Bland, 6-4, F; Joe Reid, 6-7, C; Leroy Evans, 6-6, F; Sebree Johnson, 6-5, F; Travis "Speedy" White, 5-9, G.

Poole's comment: "Don't count us out yet!"


Coach: George Anderson, 15th year. Education: Evander Childs (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Florida A & M. Career: 191-146.

Last year: 11-3, 21-8.

Savvy seven: Haywood Henderson, 5-8, G; Byron Jones, 6-2, G-F; Deshon Minnis, 6-3, G; Antoine Reese, 5-10, G; Anthony "Crip" Reese, 5-10, G; Jamir Hanner, 6-5, G-F; Shaquille Gaskins, 5-11, G-F.

Anderson's comment: "If our 'Reeses Pieces' can connect with our sophs, we'll be OK."


Coach: Kevin Reilly, 9th year. Education: Judge, West Chester. Career: 70-83.

Last year: 11-3, 19-6.

Savvy seven: George Baker, 6-foot, G; Akeem Chisholm, 5-9, G; Anthony Colon, 5-8, F; Eric Jones, 5-11, G; Luis Martinez, 5-10, G; Ernesto Sanchez, 6-3, C; Omar English, 5-11, C.

Reilly's comment: "Play smart, hustle and have fun."


Coach: Lou Williams, 4th year. Education: Franklin, Fisk (Tenn.). Career: 37-40.

Last year: 4-10, 5-18.

Savvy seven: Marcus Holland, 6-1, G; Gary Mitchell, 6-10, C; Michael Sheed, 6-foot, G; Raymond Nesbitt, 6-1, G-F; Desmond Lloyd, 6-2, F; Brian Coleman, 6-1, F; Kevin Garris, 6-2, G.

Williams' comment: "More wins than last year. That's our goal."


Coach: Frank Steed, 1st year; Education: University City, Kutztown. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-11, 2-15.

Savvy seven: Nigell Hester, 5-10, G; Jared Washington, 5-10, G; Keith West, 5-10, F; Jeff Davis, 5-10, G-F; Antoine Buck, 6-foot, F; Rameak Taylor, 6-4, C; Robert Smalley, 5-10, F.

Steed's comment: "Do the best you can. That's all I require."


Coach: Eric Hooks, 1st year; Education: Central, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 9-1, 15-5.

Savvy seven: Jayvon Johnson, 6-1, G-F; Kelvin Johnson, 6-foot, G-F; Deione Lathem, 6-3, G-F; Donte Goodman, 5-10, G; Ramair Garner, 6-foot, G; Shawn Washington, 6-5, C; Westley Goodwin, 6-1, F-C.

Hooks' comment: "On the young side. Still have high expectations."




Coach: Steve Gittleman, 14th year (also Akiba Hebrew, 1983-90). Education: Olney, Southern Mississippi. Career: Unavailable; 128-146 at Lincoln.

Last year: 7-7, 11-13.

Savvy seven: David Goldsmith, 5-11, C; Ismail Greenlee, 6-2, F; Dorrell Harrington, 5-10, G; Daniel Randall, 6-2, F; Jamar Winn, 6-3, F; Maurice Robinson, 5-10, G; Markief Azuakoemu, 5-11, G.

Gittleman's comment: "Very quick and fast. Defense will determine how far we go."


Coach: Pat Durkin, 3rd year. Education: La Salle, Penn State. Career: 8-32.

Last year: 1-12, 2-18.

Savvy seven: Greg Manning, 5-9, G; Krentz Sainte, 5-7, G; Mike Carroll, 5-3, G; Mike Rieser, 6-3, F; Anatoly Dukhin, 6-foot, F; Jurras Jackson, 5-7, G; Kervyn Haynes, 5-9, G.

Durkin's comment: "We are a real blue-collar team. We start three carpenters, an electrician and a plumber."


Coach: Larry Gainey, 8th year (also Parkway, 1999-2000); Education: Bartram, Delaware State. Career: 106-80; 93-61 at Franklin.

Last year: 7-6, 10-10.

Savvy seven: William "B.J." Kearse, 5-11, G; Melvin Dixon, 6-1, G-F; Ron Lee, 6-2, F-C; Richard Freeman, 6-2, F; Tajidin McGough, 5-11, G; Malik McDaniels, 6-foot, G-F; Tyron Carlton, 6-foot, G-F.

Gainey's comment: "Despite being small, we'll look to play big."


Coach: Lou Biester, 3rd year (also Bartram, 1990, last nine games of season; Bartram, 2000-05). Education: Bonner, Christian Brothers University (Tenn.). Career: 171-48; 47-11 at CT.

Last year: 12-2, 18-7.

Savvy seven: Andrew "Scootie" Randall, 6-6, F; Chris Jones, 6-1, G; Manny Jordan, 6-5, C; Orlando Ensley, 5-11, G; Antonio "Gee" Monroe, 6-foot, G; Shaquille Shannon, 6-1, G; Virgil Pearson, 6-2, F.

Biester's comment: "We're senior-laden and we refuse to lose."


Coach: C.M. Brown, 27th year. Education: Central, West Chester. Career: 310-238.

Last year: 12-2, 19-6.

Savvy seven: Marcus Brown, 6-4, G-F; Jamil Cherry, 6-2, F; Christian Gill, 6-foot, G; Mike Gill, 6-foot, G; Aaron Harris, 5-10, G; Andre Howard, 6-5, F; Chris Thompson, 6-7, C.

Brown's comment: "We're still learning how to go from individuals to a team concept."


Coach: Ben Dubin, 3rd year (also Fels, 2001-02). Education: Washington, Delaware. Career: 48-40; at Frankford 35-16.

Last year: 14-0, 22-5.

Savvy seven: Harold Hicks, 5-9, G; Malik Ballard, 6-foot, G; Terrell Clark, 6-2, G; John Booker, 6-1, G; Steven Haynes, 6-2, G; Khayree Brown, 6-1, F; Malik Tinsley, 6-6, F.

Dubin's comment: "I like what [assistant] Keith Hines says. 'Be quick, but don't hurry.' "


Coach: Calvin Jones, 22nd year. Education: Edison, Delaware State. Career: 177-261.

Last year: 5-9, 5-17.

Savvy seven: Andrew Goodman, 6-1, G; Robert Coleman-Smith, 6-5, C; Darnell Jenkins, 6-2, G; Dom Conner, 6-5, F; Andrew Porter, 6-1, G; Donte Williams, 6-3, F; Taris Dillard-Ford, 6-3, G-F.

Jones' comment: "Probably middle of the road, but we might surprise some people."


Coach: Jim Taylor, 6th year. Education: Central, Penn State. Career: 55-61.

Last year: 8-6, 15-9.

Savvy seven: Marvin Smith, 6-4, F; Michael Rainey, 6-2, G; Calvin Schofield, 5-9, G; James Jones, 6-2, F; Brandon Oliver, 5-9, G; Ivan Ortiz, 6-3, F; Ricky Harvey, 6-foot, F.

Taylor's comment: "Inexperience at most positions will lead to early struggles. Should result in later success."


Coach: Joe Egenolf, 9th (appointed coach for final two games of '00). Education: Central, Lynchburg (Va.). Career: 37-104.

Last year: 3-11, 7-14.

Savvy seven: Henry "007" Bond, 6-3, F; Theo West, 6-4, F; Victor Wardrope, 6-2, F; Nigel Caldwell, 5-10, G; Quran Reaves, 5-10, G; Joey Velazquez, 5-5, G; George Grundy, 6-2, C.

Egenolf's comment: "Excited about returning players. Some talented athletes. Need to mesh as team."


Coach: John Sullivan, 1st year; Education: Ryan, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 8-6, 10-9.

Savvy seven: Samuel Everett-Bey, 6-foot, G; Maurice Graves, 6-1, G-F; Tariq Lee, 5-11, G; Paul McPherson, 6-1, F; Lamar Speller, 6-3, F-C; Kevin Mitchell, 6-3, F; Barry Williams, 6-4, F-C.

Sullivan's comment: "We're growing together as coach and players."


Coach: Elsa Cohen, 3rd year (also Northeast, 1994-2003). Education: Northeast, Murray State (Ky.). Career: 112-123.

Last year: 9-5, 13-9.

Savvy seven: Tyron Lytes, 6-3, G; Corey Wilkins, 5-5, G; Marcus Booker, 6-3, F; Jordan Green, 5-6, G; Brandon Hurst, 6-6, C; Steven Pinckney, 6-2, F; Demetrius Davis, 5-7, G.

Cohen's comment: "We're small. Working on being fast."


Coach: Jeff McKenna, 2nd year (also Olney, 2005). Education: North Penn, Kutztown. Career: 5-31.

Last year: 1-12, 1-20.

Savvy seven: Terrance Bennett, 6-3, F; Khailief "Kizzy" Coates, 5-8, G; Devan Harris, 6-foot, G; Danny Hinton, 6-1, G-F; Ray Jaggon, 6-2, G; Armandi Marshall, 6-4, C; Sam Pagon, 6-foot, G.

McKenna's comment: "We're hoping to gain what we don't have – experience."


Coach: Mike Sidebotham, 3rd year. Education: Wildwood Catholic (N.J.), La Salle. Career: 21-25.

Last year: 7-7, 12-13.

Savvy seven: Brandon Williams, 6-6, F-C; Marcus Langley, 6-6, G-F; Sean McCall, 6-foot, G; Marquis Moore, 6-2, F; Kyheim Jackson, 5-8, G; Kion Stokes, 6-3, F; Jabreil McLeod, 6-1, G.

Sidebotham's comment: "With our senior leadership and team effort, we expect a great season."


Coach: John Bissett, 2nd year, appointed coach for final 11 games of '07 season (also Fels, 2003-06); Education: North Catholic, West Chester. Career: 34-52.

Last year: 0-13, 3-19.

Savvy seven: George Jones, 6-4, F; Tyquil Shoemake, 6-1, G; Donte Molletta, 6-3, C; Tariq Smith, 6-foot, G; Jeremiah Jefferson, 5-8, G; Shawn Edwards, 5-7, G; Kenny Johnson, 6-foot, F.

Bissett's comment: "I'm hoping at the end season people are saying, "Winning – they're really good at it."


Coach: Roy Calhoun, 1st year; Education: King, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-7, 6-13.

Savvy seven: Robert Bass, 6-2, F; Charles Collins, 6-1, F; Tyrone Waters, 5-9, G; Terrell Johnson, 6-2, F-C; Anthony Razor, 5-9, G; Kion Coats, 5-9, G; Cameron Dunbar, 6-2, F.

Calhoun's comment: "We have young guys who are eager to learn."


Coach: Harold Alexander, 2nd year (also West Philadelphia, 2006). Education: Bartram, Peirce JC. Career: 20-17.

Last year: 9-5, 10-8.

Savvy seven: Mark Allen, 6-foot, G; Curshawn Banks, 6-foot, G; Quahsim Gredic, 5-8, G; Brandon Tondreau, 6-foot, G; Lateef Parks, 6-2, F; Anthony Parker, 6-5, F; Emmanuel Pittman, 6-foot, F.

Alexander's comment: "Excited about new staff. Need to improve defense and rebounding."




Coach: Tye Taylor, 1st year (also American Christian, 2001-03); Education: Wilmington (Del.), Texas A&M. Career: 54-33.

Last year: 6-4, 13-8.

Savvy seven: Kevin Cropper, 5-9, G; Terrell Jenkins, 6-3, F; Kevin Mack, 6-2, G; Dain "DJ" Suber, 5-9, G; Troy Johnson, 6-1, G-F; Khalil Meadows, 5-10, G; Jeremiah Mitchell, 6-3, F.

Taylor's comment: "Very athletic and exciting. Should be competitive."


Coach: Terrance Hudson, 4th year. Education: Overbrook, Delaware State. Career: 8-39.

Last year: 2-7, 3-10.

Savvy seven: Charles Campbell, 6-foot, F; Andy Bousono, 5-2, G; Zakee Moody, 5-2, G; Parris Baldwin, 6-1, C; Gerald Ortiz, 5-11, F; Elias Martinez, 5-11, F; Ben Alexander, 6-2, C.

Hudson's comment: "Working to play hard."

*-School formerly known as Nueva Esperanza.


Coach: Lawrence Threadgill, 4th year. Education: Hempfield (Pa.), Delaware State. Career: 45-21.

Last year: 6-4, 14-6.

Savvy seven: Jarrod Denard, 6-1, G; Octavious Booker, 6-4, C; Abraham Bah, 6-4, G; Rysheen Dorn, 6-foot, G; Antione "Blueberry" Singleton, 5-8, G; Earl Brown, 6-2, F; Shykee Brooks, 5-10, G.

Threadgill's comment: "We're young with a long, good road ahead."


Coach: Gary Hines, 4th year. Education: King, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.). Career: 39-23.

Last year: 6-4, 12-7.

Savvy seven: Aaron Haye, 6-3, F; Eric Jones, 5-7, G; James McCord, 5-7, G; Tyreese O'Neal, 6-3, F; Briel Scott, 6-4, G; Derrick Stephens, 6-foot, G; William Sutton, 6-1, G-F.

Hines' comment: "Lots of expectations, thanks to kids with leadership qualities."


Coach: Andre Noble, 4th year. Education: Boston Latin (Mass.), Lincoln. Career: 50-24.

Last year: 9-1, 22-8

Savvy seven: Miguel Bocachica, 6-6, F; Lamar Trice, 6-foot, G; Steven Leath, 5-9, G; Kenny Battle, 6-2, G; Will Adams, 6-3, G; Rashad Savage, 6-6, F; Ivory Wells, 6-4, F.

Noble's comment: "Big expectations. We think we can be better than last year."


Coach: Isa Clark, 1st year; Education: George School, Lincoln. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 4-5, 8-11.

Savvy seven: Rossini Carter, 6-1, F; Kerry Epps, 6-2, F; Kadeem Graham, 5-7, G; Wanyae Hartsfield, 5-7, G; Jaleel Khabeer, 6-2, F; Arvell Knox, 5-10, G; Malcolm Lyles, 5-7, G.

Clark's comment: "Rebuilding year with a lot of young talent."


Coach: Danny Jackson, 2nd year. Education: MC&S, Community College of Philadelphia. Career: 12-13.

Last year: 6-4, 12-13.

Savvy seven: Zaahir Smith, 6-foot, G; Eric Johnson, 5-11, G; Kenny Adams, 6-1, G-F; Jose Ortiz, 6-2, G; Jeffrey Lord, 6-7, F-C; Charles Brown, 6-4, F; Franklin Harris, 5-10, G.

Jackson's comment: "Actions speak louder than words."


Coach: Al Greene, 1st year; Education: Milton Hershey, Pittsburgh. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-8, 3-12.

Savvy seven: Melvin Brown, 6-2, F; Aaron Davis, 6-3, F; Derrick Derrickson, 6-4, F; Jibri Jones, 6-4, F; Greg Plasir, 6-6, C; Rodney Roberson, 6-1, G; Malcolm Weston, 6-1, G.

Greene's comment: "My hope is that the players reach their full potential."


Coach: Jack Smith, 2nd year. Education: Judge, Holy Family. Career: 2-10.

Last year: 0-9, 2-10.

Savvy seven: Mark Wildsmith, 6-3, G-F; Paul Rawls, 6-foot, G-F; Josh Mayo, 5-11, G; Jason Azzara, 6-1, F; Devon Shorter, 5-6, G; Allen Dempster, 6-2, G; Erik Ortiz, 5-5, G.

Smith's comment: "With hard work and dedication, anything's possible."


Coach: Dan Brinkley, 4th year. Education: Dobbins, Lincoln. Career: 77-15.

Last year: 10-0, 27-4.

Savvy seven: Shaquille Duncan, 6-8, C; Tyree "Chuck" Harris, 6-7, F; Jesse Morgan, 6-4, G; Parrish Grant, 6-2, G; Ferg Myrick, 6-6, F; Willis Nicholson, 5-10, G; Matt Hankerson, 6-3, G.

Brinkley's comment: "Right now, we lack focus."


Coach: Kenyatta McKinney, 1st year; Education: Gratz, Temple '09. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-7, 2-12.

Savvy seven: Evan Herbert, 5-8, G; Jamal Brown, 5-10, G; Chris Burney, 6-5, C; Damon Gaskins, 6-4, F; Andre Griffin, 6-3, F; Chris James, 6-3, F; George Paris, 6-foot, G.

McKinney's comment: "Young team with a lot of potential."




Coach: John Dunphy, 3rd year. Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 1-31.

Last year: 0-10, 0-13.

Savvy seven: Bryan Dearry, 6-3, C; Ron Roberts, 6-foot, G; Odunjo Copeland, 6-1, F; Justin Ghee, 6-3, F; Matt Powers, 5-10, G; Kenny Martin, 5-10, G; Nick Emanuel, 5-10, G.

Dunphy's comment: "We'll be resilient to the end."


Coach: Art Kratchman, 21st year (18th as PL member). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 103-346 (89-324 as PL member).

Last year: 3-7, 8-15.

Savvy seven: Stefan Thompson, 6-2, G-F; Vershawn Thompson, 6-2, F; LaRon Byrd, 5-11, G; Ronnie Malandro, 5-9, G; Clayton Graves, 5-9, G; Foster McKoskey, 6-foot, F; Christian Matticks, 5-11, G-F.

Kratchman's comment: "As usual, we have a concern with lack of size."


Coach: John Gannon, 17th year (15th as PL member). Education: Neumann, Penn State. Career: 141-155 (not in league in '94; 3-3 record).

Last year: 7-3, 10-11.

Savvy seven: Kirk Wynn, 5-11, G; Evan Hunt, 6-foot, F; Jordan Perkins, 6-3, F; Germel Ford, 6-1, F; Sam Jung, 5-11, G; Jordan Gifford, 5-10, G; Bryan Stevenson, 5-11, G.

Gannon's comment: "We will play hard for all 32 minutes and hope to be our best in January and February."


Coach: Kyle Epps, 3rd year (1st in PL); Education: Scotch Plains (N.J.), Lincoln. Career: 17-13.

Last year: not in PL.

Savvy seven: Diyaaldin Kelley, 6-10, C; Brandon Suarez, 6-2, G; Bilal Kelley, 6-8, F; John Leftwich, 6-foot, G; Naquan Duncan, 6-foot, G; Curt Thomas, 6-4, F; Samuel Starks, 6-2, G.

Epps' comment: "Looking to make a name as a new team. Things should go pretty well."


Coach: Matt McGuire, 3rd year (also Parkway, 2001-04); Education: O'Hara, Penn State. Career: 59-72.

Last year: 7-4, 10-10.

Savvy seven: Malik Walker, 6-foot, F; Kenny Bagwell, 6-2, G; Daryl Branch, 5-11, G; Rodsewell Wells, 6-1, F; Terrell McClure, 6-4, C; Ranier Davis, 5-10, G; Corey Hicks, 6-2, F.

McGuire's comment: "We have a good returning group that understands the importance of practice and preparation."


Coach: Rob Powlen, 3rd year. Education: Crefeld, Philadelphia Textile. Career: 17-29.

Last year: 6-4, 9-14.

Savvy seven: Brandon Penn, 6-7, F; Daniel Mack, 6-7, C; Jay Harris, 5-6, G; Reggie Harden, 6-2, F; Xavier Brown, 5-9, G; Dom Owens, 6-1, G-F; Rob Hall, 5-6, G.

Powlen's comment: "Working hard. Just have to keep improving."


Coach: Sam Jacobs, 2nd year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1996; Overbrook, 2003-06). Education: Roosevelt (Brooklyn, N.Y.), East Stroudsburg. Career: 45-71, 3-12 at Lamberton.

Last year: 2-8, 3-12.

Savvy seven: Jamil Brown, 6-1, G-F; Jean-Pierre Forte, 5-9, G; Bruce Kennedy, 6-3, C; Marquise Reynolds, 5-9, G; Rafique Conwell, 6-3, F; Dijon Wright, 6-3, C; Marquise Baker, 6-foot, G.

Jacobs' comment: "Being schooled by bigger schools. Have potential in division."


Coach: Vic Otarola, 1st year; Education: Newton (Queens, N.Y.), Hunter (N.Y.). Career: 0-0.

Last year: 9-2, 17-3.

Savvy seven: Maleek Singleton, 6-foot, G; Lance Frederick, 6-foot, G; Marcus Ferrell, 5-10, G; Sean Jarmon, 6-1, F; Ishmael Lane, 6-foot, G; Larry Frederick, 6-2, F-C; Devonta Porter, 6-foot, F.

Otarola's comment: "Not much experience, but we're hoping to do OK."


Coach: Gerald Hendricks, 26th year. Education: Gratz, Savannah State (Ga.). Career: 356-214.

Last year: 11-0, 19-5.

Savvy seven: Dwayne Davis, 6-4, G-F; Eddie Frazier, 6-4, G-F; Devon White, 6-7, F-C; Marcus Grimes, 5-11, G; Darren Lawrence, 6-foot, G; Isaac Bradford, 5-10, G; Marcus "Worm" Johnson, 6-foot, G.

Hendricks' comment: "It's going to be crazy."


Coach: Paul Winters, 4th year. Education: Abington, Delaware. Career: 9-42.

Last year: 0-10, 2-14.

Savvy seven: Keith Brown, 5-9, G; David Cuadrado, 5-9, G; Jonathan Medina, 6-1, F; Dom Randall, 6-foot, C; Jamar Smith, 6-4, C; Tyrell Smith, 5-8, G; Xavier Williams, 6-2, F.

Winters' comment: "We'll go as far as our seniors take us."


Coach: Steve Kikendall, 4th year (also Franklin, 2000). Education: Liberty (N.Y.), Philadelphia Bible. Career: 46-41; 31-34 at Bodine.

Last year: 5-6, 7-15.

Savvy seven: Lamar Gary, 6-3, G-F; John Hughes, 6-4, C; Wayne Wilson, 6-4, G-F; Tarran Prince, 6-3, G-F; Dante Green, 5-10, G; Korey Gastearl, 5-10, G; Nick Neal, 6-foot, G.

Kikendall's comment: "Athletic team. Must get better defensively and be more patient offensively."