Coach: Haviland Harper, 10th year (also Parkway, 1982-98). Education: Central, George Washington. Career: 293-295; 128-96 at Central.

Last year: 7-7, 10-14.

Savvy seven: Acquil Cook, 6-5, F-C; Demetrius Couillard, 6-2, G; Joffrey Cummings-Glenn, 6-2, F; Darren Gee, 6-2, F; Yusef Nuriddin, 5-9, G; Malcolm Albright, 5-11, G; Brandon Smith, 6-5, C.

Harper's comment: "We will go as far as Acquil and Yusef take us."


Coach: Lloyd Jenkins, 8th year. Education: Bok, North Carolina A & T. Career: 61-80.

Last year: 5-9, 11-12.

Savvy seven: Chris Parks, 6-1, G; Tremell Green, 6-3, F; Hassan Jones, 5-10, G; Tyshaun Harper, 5-9, G; Corey Curtis, 6-foot, G; Khaleem Williams, 6-3, F; Joshua Garrett, 6-2, F.

Jenkins' comment: "Good senior leadership. Very young off bench. Anybody have smoke and mirrors?"


Coach: Cedric Powell, 9th year. Education: Bok, Lincoln. Career: 133-58.

Last year: 12-1, 20-7.

Savvy seven: Jake Wasco, 6-8, F-C; Kyle Sawyer, 5-10, G; Denzel Yard, 5-10, G; Khalief Trawick, 6-2, G; Ryan White, 6-6, F-C; Nasir Jones, 6-4, G-F; Karl Riley, 6-1, G.

Powell's comment: "We have to play hard and together."


Coach: Josh Rorer, 4th year. Education: Judge, Temple. Career: 7-48.

Last year: 0-13, 3-17.

Savvy seven: Randy Emerson, 6-foot, F; Matt Lyons, 5-9, G; David Vaughan, 6-foot, F; Jared Schwarz, 6-foot, G; Bryan Clark, 6-foot, G; Steve Taylor, 5-9, G; Ray Boyd, 5-10, F.

Rorer's comment: "Our goal is to try to get better every day."


Coach: Joseph "Coach X" Bradley, 1st year; Education: Lee (Jacksonville, Fla.), Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-10, 5-13.

Savvy seven: Khalief Mason, 5-6, G; Ralph Jarvis, 6-1, F; Mike Wilson, 6-2, G; Rasheed Carter, 6-3, F; Kevin Moody, 5-11, G; Jon Mason, 6-5, C; Brandon Kemp, 5-9, G.

Bradley's comment: "Loaded with seniors. They have nothing to lose."


Coach: Brian Blasy, 2nd year; Education: McDevitt, Temple. Career: 4-13.

Last year: 4-10, 4-13.

Savvy seven: Erick Johnson, 5-9, G; John Johnson, 5-10, G; Andrew Bailey, 6-2, F; Robert Westbrooks, 6-7, C; Vincent Bullock, 5-9, G; Blair Otley-Chesterfield, 6-6, F-C; Michael Dickinson, 6-6, F.

Blasy's comment: "We still have guards and, finally, some size."


Coach: James Brown, 2nd year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1995, '98-99; West Philadelphia, '96-97). Education: Overbrook, West Chester. Career: 47-62; 15-9 at Bartram.

Last year: 9-5, 15-9.

Savvy seven: Novar Gadson, 6-6, G-F; Clyde James, 6-3, F; Tyreese Wheeler, 6-1, F; Tyrone Garland, 5-11, G; Michael Dudley, 5-8, G; Danny Walker, 6-5, F-C; Quadrice Hendrix, 6-4, F.

Brown's comment: "Return a lot of varsity players. Still must play harder and smarter."


Coach: Mike George, 1st year; Education: Poolesville (Md.), Salisbury State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-8, 6-13.

Savvy seven: Alexander Gaddy, 6-2, G; Dwain Winkfield, 6-4, C; Antonio Wormley, 6-3, F; Jeff Rozier, 5-8, G; Mark Johnson, 5-10, G; Martise Dixon, 6-foot, F; Sultan Edwads, 5-8, G.

George's comment: "Smart and energetic. With teamwork, we can do something."


Coach: Freddie Stokes, 1st year; Education: West Philadelphia, Barber-Scotia. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 10-4, 12-10.

Savvy seven: Nurideen Lindsey, 6-3, G; Vernon Harris, 6-4, F-C; Thomas Edwards, 6-3, G-F; Raheem Nelson, 6-2, G-F; Najee Underwood, 6-1, G; Warren Dogan, 5-11, G; Marcellus Sims, 6-4, F-C.

Stokes' comment: "We'll sneak up on people. 'Brook is gonna be back."


Coach: Terrell Burnett, 9th year. Education: Warrenton (Ga.), Temple. Career: 79-86.

Last year: 6-8, 10-12.

Savvy seven: Clayton Brothers, 6-foot, G; Chris Anthony, 5-9, G; Eric Bryan, 6-5, C; Marquis Reaves, 6-4, F; Tyrone Carnegay, 6-3, F; Gabriel Thomas, 5-5, G; David Melton, 6-foot, G-F.

Burnett's comment: "We have potential. Now we have to step up."


Coach: Leonard Poole, 6th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1997). Education: Gratz, East Stroudsburg. Career: 117-47; 115-31 at Gratz.

Last year: 13-0, 25-7.

Savvy seven: Charles White, 6-2, G; Alibaba Odd, 6-4, G-F; Antoine Bland, 6-4, F; Joe Reid, 6-7, C; Leroy Evans, 6-6, F; Sebree Johnson, 6-5, F; Travis "Speedy" White, 5-9, G.

Poole's comment: "Don't count us out yet!"


Coach: George Anderson, 15th year. Education: Evander Childs (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Florida A & M. Career: 191-146.

Last year: 11-3, 21-8.

Savvy seven: Haywood Henderson, 5-8, G; Byron Jones, 6-2, G-F; Deshon Minnis, 6-3, G; Antoine Reese, 5-10, G; Anthony "Crip" Reese, 5-10, G; Jamir Hanner, 6-5, G-F; Shaquille Gaskins, 5-11, G-F.

Anderson's comment: "If our 'Reeses Pieces' can connect with our sophs, we'll be OK."


Coach: Kevin Reilly, 9th year. Education: Judge, West Chester. Career: 70-83.

Last year: 11-3, 19-6.

Savvy seven: George Baker, 6-foot, G; Akeem Chisholm, 5-9, G; Anthony Colon, 5-8, F; Eric Jones, 5-11, G; Luis Martinez, 5-10, G; Ernesto Sanchez, 6-3, C; Omar English, 5-11, C.

Reilly's comment: "Play smart, hustle and have fun."


Coach: Lou Williams, 4th year. Education: Franklin, Fisk (Tenn.). Career: 37-40.

Last year: 4-10, 5-18.

Savvy seven: Marcus Holland, 6-1, G; Gary Mitchell, 6-10, C; Michael Sheed, 6-foot, G; Raymond Nesbitt, 6-1, G-F; Desmond Lloyd, 6-2, F; Brian Coleman, 6-1, F; Kevin Garris, 6-2, G.

Williams' comment: "More wins than last year. That's our goal."


Coach: Frank Steed, 1st year; Education: University City, Kutztown. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-11, 2-15.

Savvy seven: Nigell Hester, 5-10, G; Jared Washington, 5-10, G; Keith West, 5-10, F; Jeff Davis, 5-10, G-F; Antoine Buck, 6-foot, F; Rameak Taylor, 6-4, C; Robert Smalley, 5-10, F.

Steed's comment: "Do the best you can. That's all I require."


Coach: Eric Hooks, 1st year; Education: Central, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 9-1, 15-5.

Savvy seven: Jayvon Johnson, 6-1, G-F; Kelvin Johnson, 6-foot, G-F; Deione Lathem, 6-3, G-F; Donte Goodman, 5-10, G; Ramair Garner, 6-foot, G; Shawn Washington, 6-5, C; Westley Goodwin, 6-1, F-C.

Hooks' comment: "On the young side. Still have high expectations."