The only other time in our history when there was such a one-sided investigation as the Mitchell Report was in the 1950s with the McCarthy hearings.

We don't have prosecutions without the benefit of a defense. All over America, people are condemning players without hearing their side.

Roger Clemens used steroids. That's all people see. Never mind they have no idea what that means. Did Barry Bonds rub some of that "cream" on his arthritic knees and magically start hitting home runs farther?

Nobody knows what effect steroids have on performance. The proof of that is that most people don't know half the players on this list. So are we to condemn only the good players?

One last thought: Do we know Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle were clean?

Dennis Kulchinsky

Prospect Park

More of the same

In the loss to the rival New York Giants, the resounding clank heard last Sunday was more than David Akers' last-second valiant but failed attempt at a 57-yard field goal that hit the crossbar.

It summarized coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb's season of questionable play calling and mediocre field performance.

Unfortunately, according to team president Joe Banner, the conjoined twins are expected to return next year for probably more of the same.

Nancy R. Muccolini

Eastampton Township