(Records through Thursday)

1. Boston (24-3): Finally playing on the road against the West.

2. Detroit (21-7): Held

13 straight opponents under 50 percent.

3. San Antonio (20-7):

Big Three haven't been healthy all season.

4. L.A. Lakers (18-10):

Good depth, good athletes, good team.

5. New Orleans (18-10): Chris Paul must be an all-star this year.

6. Dallas (19-11): Played much better defense in December.

7. Orlando (19-11): Stan Van Gundy calling out Jameer Nelson.

8. Phoenix (20-9): Might miss Kurt Thomas more than they will admit.

9. Denver (17-11): Nene close to coming back.

10. Portland (16-12): MVP chants heard at Rose Garden for Brandon Roy.

Moving up:

Atlanta (Hawks' first five-game winning streak in eight years).

26. Chicago (9-17): Scott Skiles paid the price for underperforming team.

27. New York (8-20): Marbury Follies back on after brief hiatus.

28. Memphis (8-20): Explain how Pau Gasol helps the Bulls again?

29. Miami (8-21): Dwyane Wade is free in two years. Just sayin'.

30. Minnesota (4-23): No sound, no fury, still nothing.

Falling down: L.A. Clippers (injuries are piling up).