Phil Jasner

If you think Cleveland's defense was good, Detroit's is better. And the Pistons are more likely to win one on the road. Pistons in 6.

John Smallwood

Not winning on the road isn't going to get it done for the Celtics in this series. The Pistons will win one of the first two games in Boston. Pistons in 6.

Dick Jerardi

Forget the first two rounds. This is a different matchup and the Celtics are better at defense, which used to be the Pistons' best attribute. Now, they get beaten off the dribble and give up too many open shots. Celtics in 7.

Bob Cooney

Should there be great concern that the Celtics can't seem to win on the road? Uh, yeah. Can their dominance at home overcome their road woes in this series? I don't think so. Detroit's experience in the playoffs, especially this late in the playoffs, will be a key factor. Look for the Pistons to steal one of the first two games. Pistons in 6.