HOW DO YOU MAKE the summer go by quickly (not that I want to do that, mind you)? Just point out that only a month from today we will be writing about the gymnastics trials finals at the Wachovia Center. And 3 months from tomorrow they will be extinguishing the Olympic flame in Beijing. All of which serves as a way to tout Philly's run-up for the June 19-22 gym trials:

* Behind-the-scenes footage of preparation for Beijing as part of an evening showing of "Bend It Like Beckham" at Penn's Landing on June 12.

* Coach Bela Karolyi and area gymnasts running up the Art Museum steps on June 15. Knowing Karolyi, he will beat all of them up the steps.

* Festivities at the zoo on June 17-18 and at the Academy of Natural Sciences the weekend of the event.

* A Philly Overnight giveaway that includes two all-sessions tickets. Info on all of the above can be found at

That site also will be publicizing the Aug. 8 Evening of Champions planned for Chinatown. The street fair, to start at 5:30 p.m., will feature appearances by Olympians, displays of Olympic-related sports, and exhibitions of Chinese culture and traditions. Oh, and some big screens where you can watch the start of the Beijing Games at 8.

A draft number should fan interest

The NBA's Timberwolves put together a season-ticket package where the per game price would match their lottery number. Now they know they are picking third, and fans know those seats, located at both ends of the building, will be going for $3 per game, $129 for the year.

Big screen might be ideal for big series

"Mets at the Movies" is a series where three sold-out games are being simulcast at three movie theaters around the Big Apple. Entrance is $12. So you wonder what the Phillies could draw doing a similar arrangement for one or more of the no-tickets-to-be-found series with the Red Sox. *

- Paul Vigna

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