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Singletary is a year wiser

He's back at the NBA's predraft camp. And he feels better prepared this time around.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Sean Singletary got a standing ovation before and after his final game at Virginia in March.

The grateful fans thanked him for the extra year he didn't have to give them.

This time last year, Singletary pondered a jump to the NBA.

The star point guard, who had gone to Penn Charter, tested his draft stock in the NBA's predraft camp near Orlando. He withdrew from the draft just hours before the deadline and went back to being the heart of his college team.

This week, Singletary was back at Disney World's Milk House, having graduated from Virginia with a degree in anthropology. After four days of camp, he feels better prepared, knowing what to expect, and more ready for the NBA.

"Just being able to run my team, I learned that, being able to defend," Singletary said. "The overall goal is to get a better evaluation than last year, and I feel like I did."

After withdrawing last year, Singletary returned to a young team that needed him to lead it. Despite lacking support from his teammates, he stood out in a loaded conference.

He became the only player in Atlantic Coast Conference history to have 2,000 points, 500 assists, 400 rebounds and 200 steals.

"Everybody wants to feel like they're a part of something," Singletary said. "I think I was an integral part in the creation of, not a powerhouse, but the emergence of the basketball program. I feel like I was a big part of that."

Opponents felt his impact.

"Sean meant a lot," North Carolina's Wayne Ellington said. "He did so much for that team that guys couldn't really tell what kind of point guard he was. They said he was a score-first point guard, but he wasn't. He had to score in order to help his team win games."

Ellington played against Singletary in high school at Episcopal Academy. Then the two faced each other in college.

Yesterday morning, Ellington picked up 10 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds against Singletary's camp team.

Ellington is in the same situation Singletary was in last year. He hasn't hired an agent, and could go back to school. The guard, who would be a junior next year, has several workouts scheduled, including one with the Sixers after the draft deadline, in case he stays in.

"Sean told me it's like a high school all-American camp all over again," Ellington said. "Guys are out there just trying to get their own. You don't know what it's like until you experience it."

Singletary has workouts planned with Charlotte, Toronto, Washington, San Antonio, Portland, Seattle, Detroit and Cleveland.

With the help of an agent, and his experience from last season, he feels more prepared this year.

In yesterday's early game, he scored seven points, dished out two assists, and grabbed four rebounds.

"I think he can do it," said Kenny Anderson, a former New Jersey Nets point guard who is also 6 feet tall and coached Singletary's camp team. "It's kind of a deep draft for guards, but with his determination, discipline - he's a guy that works hard. It might not happen for him right away, but he'll get there."