Excerpt from a post on the Daily News Fan Fare blog, www.philly.com/philly/blogs/fanfare, by Paul Vigna:

THE FLYERS rank sixth among NHL teams for the average price of a ticket and 13th in its recently released Fan Cost Index, according to Team Marketing Report's annual assessment.

An average ticket to a Flyers game costs $60.25 this season. That's above the league average of $49.66 and an 8.2 percent increase over what tickets cost last season to watch the Orange and Black. Toronto tops that list, at $76.15 per ticket. Montreal ($64.26), Vancouver ($62.05) and Boston ($61.40) follow. Minnesota is fifth at $61.28, just ahead of the Flyers. On the low end? Well, if you're going to make a road trip, you'll find the best values in Buffalo ($36.43) and St. Louis ($29.95). The Flyers will make two visits to Buffalo, in November and March, and travel to St. Louis in late January after the All-Star Game.

A premium Flyers ticket is $173.80, the second highest average in the league. The New York Rangers have far and away the most expensive premium ticket, at $254.98. Toronto is third, at $168.14. The NHL's average for a premium ticket is $113.44. Carolina's premium ticket ($75.98) ranks lowest among NHL teams.

There are a few other interesting numbers among the average ticket prices. While Boston ranks among the top five in average ticket price, its premium ticket costs $88.93, well below the league average. Chicago, one of the league's downtrodden franchises, has an average ticket price of $52.22 and a premium ticket that averages $114.30. Washington ranks below the league average, at $41.66 (average ticket) and $130 (premium ticket).

The Fan Cost Index (FCI) measures the average cost to take a family of four to a game.

This season's average FCI in the NHL is $288.23, a 5.5 percent hike from last season. The Flyers' FCI rose 2.9 percent. Toronto tops all franchises, at $411.30. Montreal ranks second ($361.25) and Boston, where parking on average costs $20 and a cap costs $20, ranks third ($352.60). Carolina ($219.52) and St. Louis ($193.26) have the NHL's lowest FCIs. *