The Eagles are certainly alive and well. Each week is a playoff game for them at this point and we all know one thing, December is the most important month of football and so far, the Eagles have started on the right track.

Romo talk

One day, everyone will suddenly wake up and realize Tony Romo simply isn't very good. No joke.

That's not to say the guy is terrible, either. Clearly the Cowboys' offense is not the same without him, and it's hard to dismiss all those regular-season wins he's compiled.

But unless he starts winning some big games and proves me wrong, most notably in the postseason, I am forced by the higher powers to inform you what I've already known for awhile now.

Tony Romo kind of [stinks].

Mets and K-Rod?

The Mets may, in fact, make a big splash at the winter meetings. Multiple sources are reporting the Mets are in a "critical stage" in talks with Francisco Rodriguez. According to Newsday's David Lennon, the Mets wined and dined K-Rod at a steakhouse.

Time's a wasting

I think it's becoming pretty simple: Pat Burrell is all but gone. Look for Juan Rivera as the left-field piece. . . . But first will be pitching, and I'm not sold on Jamie Moyer returning. Look for an offer to a third-tier player such as [Jon] Garland, especially as time ticks on No. 1 target Derek Lowe.

Slow learner

Hope stays alive, though it's still on a ventilator. Thanks to Reid's arrogant pig-headedness, it's more likely that after the Dallas game on the 28th, when Atlanta has secured the last wild-card berth by a half-game, we'll have to watch Andy stonewall questions about why the hell he didn't run this balanced offense a bit earlier - like maybe the beginning of the year! It's only been about two years that the fans have been screaming for a game plan that Reid has finally condescended to try out. Talk about a slow learner.